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Direct speech

for That you wait from this week?

Alexey Kudrin, vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Finance of Russia:
- I wait for consideration by Council of federation of the budget for 2002. I think that the updated structure of chamber led by the new chairman will support this budget. This year we have considered the stored experience of consideration of the federal budget and have managed to co-ordinate all high lights even within the limits of so-called zero reading.

Peter Romanov, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma:
- Arrival to Moscow emir of Qatar of sheikh Hamada ben the Caliph al - Tani. Qatar takes the third place in the world on gas stocks (after Russia and Iran): if to keep present rates of extraction it will suffice for 550 years. Therefore, I hope, during visit of the emir mutually advantageous cooperation agreements in oil and gas branch will be concluded. As with Qatar diplomatic relations at us have been established only in 1988. I think, this visit will develop our friendship.

Galina Glebov, in the past the inhabitant of the blown up house #19 along the street Guryanov:
- I Wait for adjudgment to Raduev. In spite of the fact that now in Russia the death penalty is forbidden, I would like, that to such bad people as Raduev, courts took out death sentences. Raduev has not the right to live on the earth. I very much would like, that on December, 26th all Russia has heard a severe sentence. And God forbid, it will not be announced, as it has been made during court over the terrorists who have blown up apartment houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk. I want to be assured that those who has deprived of me a native home, will incur cruel punishment.

Vladimir Sorokin, the writer:
- I Wait for the beginning of realisation of the project Behind glass - 2 to wish participants of successes in giving of last beefsteak and bon appetit. The idea of transfer is very close to me, it is attempt to make Russia transparent, a certain accruing subconscious melancholy on an open society. After all Russia has always been closed - and not by the Iron Curtains, and the gloomy mentality and closeness of the power from a society.

Edward Rossel, the governor of Sverdlovsk area:
- On Thursday of a door of my residence will be opened for children from children`s homes, boarding schools, cadet schools and lycees. Three thousand children will come on a governor`s fur-tree. And I promise that everyone will receive personally from my hands a sweet gift. Well and, of course, there will be a cheerful colourful representation with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.

Marat Gelman, galerist:
- I Wait for monument opening euro in Frankfurt am Main. pjatnadtsatimetrovuju a coin hardly it will be possible to consider this as the art phenomenon, shows it more likely another - a checkmate of art which positioned all the last century long itself as the outsider nepriemljushchego such values societies. And here now we will see bright demonstration vlipanija over head and ears in this society.

Hrjun Morzhov conducting the programs Put out the light :
- I wait for Putin`s conversation with the people on the air. And at me too is what to tell to the president. For example, I would tell: Vladimir Vladimirovich! We both worry about Russia. Whether it is time to us to meet and co-ordinate our actions? I look forward you at myself on kitchen. When to start to twirl pelmeshki?

Alexander Chuev, the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on affairs of public associations:
- On Wednesday in Moscow the Higher state council of the Union of Russia and Belarus will discuss the project of the constitutional certificate of Union State. It will be uneasy discussion, and I think, business will not reach working out of the uniform constitution of the union. In - the first, for this purpose it is necessary to make at first changes to our Constitution, and recently even Vladimir Putin has spoken against its change. Simply to cancel present constitutions and to enter uniform too it is impossible - the world community will not understand us. I hope, the State Council understands it and instead of the constitution will start to develop principles of cooperation of our states.

Vahid Alakbarov, the president of the oil company LUKOIL:
- I go to Nizhni Novgorod on extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the company NORSI - Ojl where the new board of directors will be chosen. We own more than 90 % of actions NORSI - Ojla and on base NORSI we plan to create the company LUKOJLVolgaNefteprodukt which structure will include the enterprises of six regions of Russia. In the same place I should sign the agreement with the Nizhniy Novgorod region social development of region will be which basic direction. On signing there will be Sergey Kirienko and governors of areas where there are these enterprises.

Vyacheslav Pozgalev, the governor of the Vologda area:
- I wait for the beginning of solemn procession of Father Frost across Russia. On December, 27th its New Year`s sanochnyj the train leaves Velikiy Ustyug next day to arrive on the main fur-tree of the country to the Kremlin. It is good that this year has dropped out a lot of snow - it is not necessary to it, as already was once, to change rozvalni for the carriage. And before the travel beginning the countries will hand over to the main Father Frost a gift from children - a teddy bear in weight about 10 kg and growth more than metre.

Dmitry Gindin, the president of holding metalloinvest :
- With impatience I wait for the announcement of names of winners of the higher individual awards of the Russian football of a season of 2001 - awards the Sagittarius . I the old and passionate football fan Spartaka therefore I believe that among the best the memorable figurine will be received also by players of a favorite team, for example Egor Titov.

Robert Nigmatulin, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the deputy of the State Duma:
- I Wait for delivery of grants of Charitable public fund of assistance to a domestic science to 15 best managers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Their work is very important, she helps to create informal collectives of the scientists occupied with the decision of theoretical problems: being engaged in one theme, they can work at different institutes. I welcome any person who helps a science, but to count that funds will rescue a science - error and self-complacency, its rescue out of such tips . The situation will change only with economic policy and situation change as a whole, after all the basic problem of a science - absence of demand for results of work of scientists.