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the Zhiguli again in the price

the Management the Autovase has declared the third this year increase of cost prices of cars. The Volga factory has dared at it, having met the marketing crisis which has amazed the enterprise in November.

According to the message a press - the centre the Autovase, since December, 26th cost prices will be raised on the average on 0,5 %. At the enterprise do not specify, which models will rise in price, tell only, what not all. This most insignificant of all increases of cost prices which were spent by factory recently. However, motorists do not need to hope that the prices in motor shows will grow all on half-percent. It is known that dealers perceive the decision on increase of cost prices as a sign on that VAZs are on sale well and it is possible to increase a dealer margin. According to the company the Realist Specialising on marketing researches of a car market though for the last half a year of Autovases rose in the price only once and nenamnogo - on October, 17th on the average for 3,1 %, - the prices for its production in motor shows have grown more aloud. For example, VAZ - 21093 has risen in price for 13 %, or $560, and VAZ - 21102 - on 9,5 % ($500).
To go on the next rise in prices the management the Autovase has dared, only having met the marketing crisis which has amazed the enterprise and its dealers in the end of autumn. As wrote, in November on trading platforms of dealers the Autovase in Tolyatti has accumulated more than 20 thousand not sold cars, and the administration has been compelled to reduce prices. In particular, since November cost price of a number of models of the tenth family is lowered. As the chairman of board of directors the Autovase Vladimir Kadannikov has told yesterday in telephone conversation to the correspondent, now the factory has no commodity stocks and has received from dealers money for all put cars. As have informed in a press - car factory service, commodity stocks of the Tolyatti dealers do not exceed 10 thousand cars. In the International association of dealers the Autovase have told that such indicator is basically normal also testifies to situation stabilisation. Nevertheless, according to mister Kadannikov, completely dealers of car factory will overcome marketing crisis to the middle of January.
experts of the company the East - the Harmony the large dealer of car factory, believe that on increase of demand for cars, among other, the decision of a management the Autovase has affected to organise long New Year`s vacation - factory will not work seven days. Besides, among local dealers it is rumored that in the beginning of January of Autovases will rise in the price once again from - for rises in price of energy carriers and rouble rate fluctuations. In a press - service the Autovase have refused to make comments on these hearings.