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The Afghani diary

the Ambassador of Talibs searches for refuges

Yesterday the former ambassador of Talibs in Islamabad Abdul Salam Zaif (Abdul Salam Zaeef) has asked a political asylum in Pakistan. While the Pakistan government has not answered the application of the diplomat which during antiterrorist operation of the USA in Afghanistan was a movement megaphone the Taliban . Experts believe that if Islamabad meets Abdulu Zaifu, the avalanche of similar requests will fall upon Pakistan from the former management the Taliban . Under some messages, US authorities put constant pressure upon the Pakistan government to convince Islamabad to turn out from the country all talib top or to transfer to their provisional government of Afghanistan.

to Afghanistan
Yesterday the Arabian peacemakers are directed to Afghanistan the first division of the Jordanian peacemakers has left. Jordan - the unique Arabian country which has agreed to direct the military men to Afghanistan for service under incorporated British command. It became possible after in November the government of the Jordanian Kingdom has approved the special amendment to the law on national armed forces from 1964, allowing to send military men abroad at carrying out of peace-making operations. The first group of Jordanians included divisions of special troops and the army medical case. Jordanians are going to create field hospital in the city of Mazari - Sharif for rendering of medical aid to local population.

Kitty Hawk has made the business
Yesterday aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk (the ship is calculated by displacement of 81 thousand tons on 70 planes and helicopters and has a command number more than 5500 persons) has finished the mission in frameworks of military operation in Afghanistan. The aircraft carrier, within three months forming helicopter base for carrying out of special actions in Afghanistan, has come back to the American military base of Jokosuka in 45 km from Tokyo. Command has made decision to return for two days till Christmas that seamen could celebrate a holiday on a land.

bin Laden`s mother considers videorecording by a forgery
Yesterday Osama bin Laden`s mother (Osama bin Laden) as Alija Ganem (Alia Ganem) has given interview to the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday. Mother of the terrorist one has informed number to the newspaper that her son always was unusually friendly with all who surrounded it. As she said, life of the future head Al - Kaidy has sharply changed, when he has decided to take part in jihad against the Soviet armies and has gone to Afghanistan. After that, madam Ganem informs, it and became nervous and irritable as could not reach the overall objective - clearings of the Chechen Republic, Kashmir and Palestin . Besides, Alija Ganem has declared that considers as a fake a video film proving participation of bin Laden to acts of terrorism: On this record its voice is badly distinguishable, words are muffled. Too many pauses and statements which for it are not so characteristic .

the USA do not start up the lawyer to the terrorist
Yesterday Associated Press agency has informed that US authorities do not resolve Zakariasu Mussaui (Zacarias Moussaoui) which suspect of participation in the organisation of acts of terrorism on September, 11th to meet the lawyer from France. The lawyer even has addressed in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the request to convince the USA to allow it to meet the client. As it is known, Zakarias Mussaui - the citizen of France of the Moroccan origin, the arrested person for infringement of immigration laws in the USA. According to the lawyer, Americans not only refuse all requests for visiting of the client, but at all do not want to open its site. Mother of the accused says that though her son already has a French lawyer, the federal court of the USA has appointed for it other defender.