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To readers of the newspaper

the Apostolic manager for Catholics of a Latin ceremony of the north of the European part of Russia, the chairman of Conference of Catholic bishops of Russia the archbishop of TADEUSH KONDRUSEVICH

the Christmas pleasure nowadays full our hearts. Once again we endure unique atmosphere of this unique holiday, full spiritual sense and rich with national traditions.
reigning celebratory atmosphere - a sign of that something is created unusual. Feelings which we test, prophet Isaija most short and capaciously represents: For the baby was born to us; the Son is given us (Is 9, 6). Speaking Christmas we profess true that God has accepted a human nature.
why God became the person? On the ordered treatment disease degree is easily learnt. The healthy person does not address to the doctor. On size of the Divine intervention it is visible, as the person was mortally sick. True of Christian belief that for the sake of us and for the sake of our rescue God became the person, shows also as advantage of the person in the opinion of God is great! God became the person that last in the Christ has seen what has the Father in the sky and that in the Savior has found a key to knowledge of sense of the life.
however we test true Christian pleasure only when our course of life will conduct to Bethlehem. Like shepherds, it is necessary to hear a voice of the angel narrating about a birth of the Savior, to see the Bethlehem star, to follow it and to find the Savior who has born in the Bethlehem day nursery (compare Lk 1, 8 - 16) which through Church service is born in our souls svoeju good fortune.
In a joyful celebration of Christmas it is necessary to accept this Charisma spiritually to revive through deeper and mature belief, stronger hope and uniting with secret of a birth of God in our hearts and with good fortune of the Divine adoption love.
the most complicated situation of the modern world forces to speak about the threat which has hung over a human civilisation. To mankind is over what to reflect. Rather developed the world of the beginning of the third millenium has appeared to vulnerable, fragile both easily subject heavy tests and dangers of death. Truly it is the world, which groans and muchitsja (Rome 8, 22) and with hope expects revelation of sons of Bozhiih (Rome 8, 19). Really we waited for such world? Where to search for hope and whether there is it in general? These and similar questions set today mankind.
In the face of calls of the modern world we should realise necessity of serious moral changes of an image of the life. The answer are the words of St. apostle Peter turned to the Christ: My God, to whom to go? You have verbs of eternal life (In 6, 68). In It, in the Christ our hope. Therefore Sacred Father John Pavel II appeals: Resolve, therefore I ask you with humility and hope, allow to speak to the Christ with the person. Only It possesses life words - yes! Lives eternal (John Pavel II, Thoughts about terrestrial, Moscow, 1992, with. 26).
Means, the hope exists. It in the Savior to Whom the Bethlehem star, in the Savior Who the first comes to us, in the Savior Who gives us the love Gospel conducts us.
in Christmas celebration I welcome and I congratulate the Catholics living in huge territories of our Fatherland. The best regards I send to brothers and sisters of Christian churches and the communities nowadays celebrating Bogovoploshchenie of Son Bozhija, and also orthodox, preparing for the holiday of coming to the world of the Savior, and to all people of good will. Let pleasure and hope which are born by light of the Bethlehem star, become our general fate. Brothers and sisters! Tear off a sight from the earth, look at the sky and soul eyes find the Bethlehem star! Be not afraid! Follow it! It will lead you to the Savior - to a source of pleasure, hope and life eternal! Accept true of Bogovoploshchenija! Let it becomes a part of your life, becomes pleasure and hope in the born Savior not only during this Christmas time, but also in coming new 2002!