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Regions have exchanged the inheritance on prjamogonnyj gasoline

the State Duma on Friday at once in the second and third readings has approved the bill of changes in the Budgetary code, regional budgets mentioning profitable base. Instead of the cancelled tax to inheritance subjects of the Russian Federation will manage the most part of the entered excise on prjamogonnyj gasoline. Besides, from - for coming since January, 1st, 2006 of liquidation of excise warehouses the new mechanism of distribution of the excise is entered into the Budgetary code on alcoholic production. Of the government assure that innovations will not reduce profitable powers of territories.
necessity of acceptance of the bill of modification of the Budgetary code is caused by editing of tax laws which deputies have spent this year. It is a question of cancellation of the tax to inheritance and donation, about excise introduction on prjamogonnyj gasoline and about liquidation of excise warehouses of alcoholic production. As all these changes should come into force since January, 1st, 2006, deputies needed to reflect all these changes and in the Budgetary code.

we will remind that the tax to inheritance has been excellent after in April of this year this problem in the message to Federal meeting was put by the president. He has declared then that as rich from sneaks all the same leave, and with poor there is nothing to take, the tax to the inheritance should be liquidated. The situation has turned out comical - after all before within one and a half years the Ministry of Finance and the State Duma tried to reform this tax, in particular fiercely argued on, whether it is necessary to raise it from near relations. According to the Ministry of Finance, the tax cancelled since January, 1st brought to regional budgets (in which completely arrived) nearby 1 mlrd rbl. Now the amendment brought in the Budgetary code this tax is deleted from the list of profitable sources of regions.

This loss will be compensated by other approved change of the Budgetary code entering as a tax source of subjects of the Russian Federation prjamogonnyj gasoline. We will remind that in the summer of this year deputies have decided to impose this kind of raw materials for petrochemistry with the excise. The purpose - to make economically unprofitable so-called bodjazhnichestvo when released from the tax prjamogonnyj gasoline after addition in it of additives is on sale as automobile. The new kind of the excise will give to the state 2,7 mlrd rbl.: 40 % of gathering, or 1,1 mlrd rbl. will get to the federal budget, 60 %, or 1,7 mlrd, - regional.

at last, one more change made by deputies in the Budgetary code is connected with change of system of payment of the excise on alcoholic production. We will remind that from giving of the government deputies have made decision to liquidate system of excise warehouses since January, 1st, 2006 in this summer. While these warehouses (wholesale dealers) pay in regional budgets of 80 % of the rate of the excise, and the others of 20 % bring likerovodochnye factories. Since January, 1st manufacturers will pay all of 100 % of the tax. However there was a problem: liquidation of the warehouses in regular intervals distributed on territory of the country, could lead to that excise gathering would concentrate in several regions in which large manufacturers of vodka are located.

that it has not occurred also other regions have not lost the incomes, the bill approved on Friday enters the new mechanism of distribution of the alcoholic excise into the Budgetary code. On - former it will get in full to regions. However 80 % of gathering will independently distribute the federal centre between budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation under the specifications confirmed by the law on the budget for the next year. As assure of the government, specifications for 2006 reflect distribution of vodka money, which upon Has developed before liquidation of excise warehouses and consequently losses at regions will not be. The remained 20 % of excises collected from factories, will get at once to regions in which they are located. It is made to keep interest of governors in development of vodka manufacture in the territory.