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Actors has not eaten up

On a scene of the Museum of Dostoevsky has passed the prime minister of performance of theatre the Doll format Robin - Reels . Behind how fantastic English the glutton on slices has eaten all performance, observed Anna IVANOV - BRASHINSKY. the Doll format which fourth statement became Robin - Reels concerns the new Petersburg theatre of dolls addressed not mnogosotennoj so faceless audience, and public as if manually selected, selected in the sense that places for it are estimated in tens. It is necessary to be guided well in theatrical space to become a part of this public. Together with theatres potudan and the Doll house Anna Viktorovoj`s theatre the Doll format does not play in any games with the state and it is not spoilt by the grants lulling professional vigilance. New puppeteers are unanimously categorical and in the relation to official scenes - wandering across Petersburg, they ignore the big platforms and in searches the spaces are ready to register temporarily anywhere: on small scenes of drama theatres, in halls of private residences, on the museum areas. Meanwhile the new puppeteers voluntary deprived, apparently, of everything, do not have lack of one - in success. On the poster the Doll format (as well as two other collectives) two Gold masks both are received for thundered in last year Horseman Cuprum . Triumphal though and not advertised on the Neva prospectus, procession of new puppeteers on a city and the world speaks very simply: after long years of oblivion and vegetation in a shade of the actor on a proscenium, thanking their efforts, the doll has returned. Also it has appeared that spectators on it, ridiculous, live and on all capable, have awfully missed. The main charm of new performance, maybe, that, without throwing the spectator any intellectual call, it simply allows to be glad to a cognizance of old acquaintances.
despite simplicity of the composition which have been cut out from different rhymes and songs, on predictability of receptions with which story-tellers stick together them in a uniform plot, and on illjustrativnost (have told - have shown and on the contrary), to the director and the art director in one person, Anna Viktorovoj, in Robine - the Reel the miracle what on a scene unconditional accuracy and simplicity always seem was possible almost. Without philosophising crafty it has decided to show hardly probable not all characters of the read nursery of classics, without being limited English, and having called in co-authors Chukovsky, Sapgir both other: and Jack building the house, and multiplied inhabitants of this house, and gluttons - cannibals, and two princesses in one bottle, and feechek with their small bench, and a crocodile with a head of a cock, and a cock with a head of a crocodile. But the rate the director has made not on my first books and not on their witty today`s interpretation, and on literal - word for word - instsenirovanie different doll technicians (from puppets to shades) promised in an aaplet draznilok, schitalok, riddles and verses . Also it has appeared that is not necessary any interpretations: the children`s poetry seen as though in the original without memory and experience stratifications so in itself it is ridiculous and absurd that represents sense absolutely self-sufficient and submitting by the theatricality. And the puppet theatre in which various technicians spectators therein study, as well as possible approaches to such sense: in it nothing hides for side scenes and if the Cock and the Crocodile change heads so there is it by them perevinchivanija directly before the most spectator nose.
however, in work of such degree of ease superfluous air - while it too much on a scene is always appreciable. In performance a lot of unessential overindulgence, sometimes so diligent that it seems artificial, calculated and as if begging spectators to join in game. Actors (Irina Zimin and Peter Vasilev, professionals of the big state doll troupes), it having appeared on a chamber scene, look ready to joint improvisation - they could surprise each other, instead of is simple to pin the spectator. In a word, like its insatiable protagonist, performance still is where to grow.
in the ending Robina - the Reel two actors survive only. On all the rest, including scenery, was required to the cave man only forty minutes. It is a pity, after all them under laws of poetic logic followed eat, even first of all. After all eventually - remain an insatiable doll also without puppeteers and continue to live - here would be katarsis for the glutton.