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The graduate of its conservatory, the Australian tenor Andrew Goodwin who in time for years of study has said goodbye to the Australian greetings

the Solo concert in the Small hall of the Philharmonic society with St.-Petersburg not only to get popularity, but also to become the favourite of public. VLADIMIR RANNEV listened. By and large Andrew Goodwin does not possess intensive enough voice for an outstanding career with classical opera repertoire. Its manner of singing is too detailed, sometimes even is overloaded by nuances. For an opera scene such manufacture like is inappropriate. For chamber singing - invaluable advantage. Nevertheless at Elena Obraztsovoj`s last competition the Australian tenor has proved to be the opera singer, having broken at once three awards: the second in the general offset, special for German Lied and a prize of spectator sympathies. The TV channel which shining competition and has arranged popular voting has fixed an impact of general love to the young Australian. Other such case that the conservatoire student of all for two seasons became the favourite of philharmonic public, perhaps, and you will not remember. Mister Goodwin is allocated not such by a frequent combination of an expressive voice, effective appearance and not shameful intelligence. And absolutely scarce among vocalists - excellent taste. Speech, of course, not about a manner to put on and keep, though and with it at it everything is all right. And about sensitive and professionally correct relation to music executed by it. And about special attention - to the text, to a pronunciation and diction.
as the Russian popularity of the Australian student has begun with cooperation with the pianist and the founder of concert projects Alexey Goribolem (together they executed Benjamin Brittena, Fransisa Poulenc, modern composers), not surprisingly, as a farewell concert they spend in a duet.
the first branch have given to German Lied ( Adelaide Beethoven and Schubert`s song), and also music of Brittena and Desjatnikova. Once again it was necessary to be surprised to thin ability of the singer to transfer not only musical, but also poetic semantic shades and to its faultless sense of style.
the second branch have devoted domestic romansovoj to classics - to Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rakhmaninov. Here besides other performing advantages mister Goodwin has shown the delicate relation to Russian. Any chewed words and characteristic with slavic gorchinkoj intonirovanie. The foreigner gave out unless ineradicable for Anglo-Saxons schjaste and ljubov . However, now to mister Goodwin Russian should be forgotten for a while, work at the Sydney opera theatre is necessary.