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the Thief in the law judge as the citizen

In Nizhni Novgorod in court of the Nizhniy Novgorod area have passed debate of the parties on criminal case the thief in the law Vasily Hristoforova (Has revived), accused of hooliganism with a use of weapons. The state accuser has demanded to give to authority six and a half years. Lawyers insist on the justification.
on a dock Vasily Hristoforov has appeared for participation in October, 2003 in a shootout accompanied by fight and firing. Its reason of a steel of a disagreement with the leader of religious sect Alexander Pokrovsky preaching own doctrine: the legalist could not divide with it control over several business concerns of a city of Sarov. People of Voskresa have fought with sectarians near restaurant Gardinija on Verhnevolzhsky quay. As a result the thief in the law Was brought to justice, and the leader of sect is wanted till now (in detail wrote about it on October, 6th).

Yesterday in court have passed debate of the parties. The state accuser named litigation over Vasily Hristoforovym unusual and loud for small quiet small town . Shortly having described business history, he has accused Voskresa in hooliganism with a use of weapons on preliminary arrangement by the organised group of persons . According to the public prosecutor, in business of criminal authority all is extremely clear. it is unprecedented impudence - to arrange fight in city centre among white day, - he has told. - it is good still that anybody from peacefully walking at that time nizhegorodtsev has not suffered . The public prosecutor has underlined that for it as lawyer has no the value, Hristoforov uses what authority in the criminal world and whether it is the thief in the law . The defendant, - has declared the public prosecutor, - the citizen of Russia and should be responsible for the actions according to a letter of the Russian legislation . Then the state accuser has called court to protect a society from the criminal also has asked for court to deprive Vasily Hristoforova of freedom on six and a half years, having specified in softening circumstance - presence at Voskresa of two minor children.

protection of criminal authority has disagreed with a state accuser. Lawyer Andrey Naumov named speech of the opponent a position of the public prosecutor, instead of the lawyer naming charge arguments razmyshlizmami . The lawyer has promised to court that will protect the master`s thesis on the analysis and the critic of the given bill of particulars, and has asked to justify the client completely.

in the end of debate the public prosecutor has acted with a remark. He has agreed that in the bill of particulars really many tears But has explained to court that they are quite removable. And here from that fact that Vasily Hristoforova`s crimes represent danger to a society according to the public prosecutor, it is impossible to wave away in any way.

Having listened to the parties, the judge declared a break till December, 20th.
will inform on a sentence.
, Nizhni Novgorod