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“ the Native land “ and Union of Right Forces have got on persons

Yesterday the Khabarovsk regional election committee at the next session has considered the complaint of representatives of regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to a local cell “ the Native land “. Communists have convicted party “ the Native land “ that it used the image of a member of Communist Party in the videoclip. The similar complaint has been shown at session of electoral committee and to the Khabarovsk branch of the Union of the right forces. The electoral committee was limited to the official prevention “ to the Native land “ the question on Union of Right Forces has been readdressed in judicial instances. At yesterday`s session of electoral committee the head of working group Evgenie Minjaev has acquainted colleagues with an essence of the complaints presented to the commission. He has informed that two representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - Larissa Zatsepin and Olga Ivanov have complained of regional branch of party “ the Native land “ Which used in the pre-election propaganda video data fragments of the protest actions spent by communists, and also the image of one of the communists, not giving to them of the written permission to use of the “ the physical person “.
“„ The native land “really used video of materials with fragments of actions which spent the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. But about it there are no restrictions. And here on use of the physical image they do not have written permission “ - mister Minjaev ascertained. In this connection he has suggested to warn “ the Native land “ about infringement of item 9 of item 48 FZ “ About the basic guarantees of the rights of voters “ which stipulates presence of the written approval of the citizen on use of its images. Then the chairman of the commission Victor Tsyrfa has invited to speak to Larissa Zatsepinoj, in the recent past to the secretary of a municipal duma. “ let will clean fragments, on which permissions did not give. Let carry out the actions and show “ - the communist has demanded. After it the party position was explained by the representative “ the Native land “ Denis Kuzmenko who has informed members of electoral committee that in rollers “ rodintsev “ Olga Ivanovoj`s all images are cut already out. However, despite it, the electoral committee nevertheless has taken out the prevention of this party.
as the following at electoral committee session in quality zhalobshchika has acted 16 - summer Pavel Gorelov, last years visited in an active “ the Apple “ NBP and Union of Right Forces. As Evgenie Minjaev has informed, minor Gorelov has complained of regional branch of party of Union of Right Forces which without the consent used its image in the newsletter. “ Union of Right Forces has really published a photo on which there is Gorelov`s image, without its written approval. Therefore I have an offer to warn Union of Right Forces about infringement of item 9 of item 48 FZ „About the basic guarantees of the rights of voters“ “ - Evgenie Minjaev has told. To it Pavel Gorelov has added that closely co-operated from Union of Right Forces concerning the protest against transfer of islands Tarabarova and Big Ussuriisk to China. “ With this party I have untied all relations because all youth organisation Andrey Barzhanov (the head of branch. - „“) and Cyril Firsov (the chief executive of branch. - „“) have simply thrown on money. We collected signatures, but they have paid to nobody. Therefore we completely all youth organisation have decided to leave Union of Right Forces. And now I have seen the photo in this newspaper and consequently I ask them to punish severely - to arrest all circulation of the newspaper up to removal from registration “ - the young man has made short speech.
Andrey Barzhanov who is present at session here has not sustained: “ Look, and it is the voter? “ - he has addressed to the chairman of the commission. “ how old are you? “ - the head of the commission has taken an interest. “ to me of 16 years “ - the bearer of the complaint has timidly said. After a short pause Victor Tsyrfa has told that the young man could not be engaged in petition because has not reached full age age. Mister Tsyrfa has suggested to remove this question from the agenda and has explained to Pavel that it is necessary for it to address with the petition: “ If Union of Right Forces has involved 16 - summer … If this party wins elections them can recognise as void. Therefore, Pavel, it is necessary for you to address in court and to specify that you used on petition, and this roughest infringement “ - mister Tsyrfa summarised.
On it consideration of complaints has ended, but the chairman of the commission has suggested to be late to the colleagues and to discuss etichnost behaviour of party “ the Native land “ which has extended leaflets of such maintenance: “ Was tired of poverty and warps - vote for “Native land“, against United Russia party members “. “ it is beautifully written, fatly. The law such it is authorised, but nevertheless such to mention it it is incorrect “ - he has told and has expressively looked at Denis Kuzmenko, which was not what to answer. Here the member of electoral committee has interfered with conversation Alexander Andreev: “ Well also what in it such? They show, who in poverty is guilty. To me it is not clear: to plunge the country into poverty it it is normal, and to tell about it is incorrectly! “ understanding that rough discussion in electoral committee can inflame, Victor Tsyrfa has preferred to remind all gathered that the head of branch “ the Native land “ Pavel Mysin has signed the agreement on carrying out of fair elections, and has urged this party to follow the principles designated in the agreement.