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&n bsp; the Cold season Regions DFO have approached by the winter organizovannovchera in Khabarovsk has passed session of the interdepartmental commission on the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of the device of the plenipotentiary of the president in DFO. The meeting has been devoted readiness of housing and communal services and thermal power station of regions by the winter. As a whole it is noticed that the cold season this year is begun more organizovanno, than in previous years. However, any more has not done without CHS. In Khabarovsk territory faults with power supply in settlements Uktur (Komsomol area), Precepts of Ilyich (Soviet - the Havana area) and Ajan are fixed. All of them, mainly, have occurred from - for deteriorations of objects of housing and communal services and problems to shots in branch. Besides it, in the Kamchatka and Magadan areas fuel stocks are created not in full. At the same time all subjects DFO need grants from the state budget to cover not planned expenses from - for rise in prices for fuel. As has informed a press - plenipotentiary representation DFO service, in the end of this week plenipotentiary Kamil Iskhakov will direct to president Vladimir Putin the report on a situation with cold season passage in the Far East.

  the Fish economy the Spawning rivers Korjakii will give kontsessioneramv Korjakii practice kontsessionnogo competitive conducting a salmon economy - long-term fastening of the spawning rivers to users will take root. The governor of Koryak joint-stock company Oleg Kozhemjako has informed on it on arrival from Moscow where it was present at session " in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij; fish “ council. As he said, the district becomes some kind of “ starting and simultaneously an experimental platform for studying and introduction of the mechanism of this fastening taking into account the most different nuances which, naturally, will appear already in the nearest future even at a preparatory stage “. As the governor considers, a principle of fastening of spawning reservoirs for the large-scale users having financial possibilities for realisation ryboohrannyh of actions, and also capacities for raw processing at coastal factories, is initially positive. In its opinion, ownerless spawning areas fall prey of poachers, and the fish caught by the small companies, on coast practically does not arrive - it sell directly in the sea from seines, and to check it it is impossible. On experience of Korjakii other regions will study.

  the Market of hydrocarbons China is ready to reception kovyktinskogo gazakitaj has confirmed readiness to buy with 2010 20 mlrd in cubic m kovyktinskogo gas to the additional volumes delivered from Sakhalin. On it „“ has informed a press - multinational corporation service - VR referring to the chief executive on development of gas business of the company of Victor Vekselberg. The licence for working out Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits owns Open Society “ RUSIA Petroleum “. The basic shareholders of the company are the multinational corporation - BP (about 63 % of actions), the holding company “ Interros “ (25,82 %), administration of the Irkutsk region (10,78 %). According to Victor Vekselberg to buy kovyktinsky the Chinese party has declared gas the readiness during negotiations with the official Russian delegation, headed the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov, in the beginning of November. Acting past Monday at parliamentary hearings in Council of federation about a theme “ Oil and gas resources of Eastern Siberia and the Far East as a basis of regional development “ g - n Vekselberg has supported the prompt creation in Eastern Siberia and in the Far East uniform system of extraction and gas transportation. It also has not excluded possibility of export of gaz on the markets of other countries ATR. Victor Vekselberg also has noticed that “ Gazprom “ yet did not suggest the multinational corporation - VR to participate in commercial negotiations about deliveries of hydrocarbons to China. As he said, the multinational corporation - VR supports idea of the export channel, as “ the Russian gas should not compete to the Russian gas in the same markets “.
Alexander TERENTYEV, Irkutsk

  the Oil and gas complex “ Sahaneftegaz “ has created “ daughters “ without dolgovoao “ Sahaneftegaz “ (CIS) has founded two branches: “ the Vitim oil company “ (VNK) and “ JAkol “. According to the general director of the CIS Athanasius Maksimova, VNK will complete the main oil pipeline from Talakansky gazokondensatnogo deposits to Vitim. “ the time pipe on which we swing today oil, has already fulfilled the. We obtain the permit to its operation only taking into account that the main oil pipeline is completed. This year it is finished a linear part and after “Surgutneftegaz“ will start installation of clearing of oil from impurity of sulphur and salts, in 2007 we plan to place it in operation “ - has told local mass-media g - n Maxims. NK “ JAkol “ it is created on the basis of Open Company with the same name. The company will start to be engaged in processing gazokondensata to Kyzyl - Cheese, and also gasoline realisation through a network of autorefuellings of Open Company “ JAkol “. As Athanasius Maksimov has noticed, the new enterprises are capable to involve investments as are not burdened by promissory notes. Now debts at the CIS make $4,5 billion At the same time, local observers mark, it is obvious that “ Sahaneftegaz “ with such debts cannot accept participation in auctions on working out of new deposits - partly therefore and new structures have been created.

  Business and the power the Governor of Sakhalin has found painful places at turfirmvchera in administration of the Sakhalin region has passed meeting on development in region of tourist branch. As have noted in a press - regional administration service, for the first time for last 15 years at session representatives of the majority of travel agencies of island have gathered. Governor Ivan Malakhov, addressing to businessmen, has suggested to create in area coordination council concerning tourism development in territory of Sakhalin and Kuriles. In its opinion, council should become “ public body for generating of ideas and attraction of tourists on islands “. As the governor has underlined, for development of tourist sector the fertile field prepares - the large network of hotels of the international standard is created, the public catering sphere is developed. This year there were negotiations on modernisation and expansion of the international airport Southern - Sahalinska with potential investors. “ At us it is a lot of ideas and many problems which are necessary for solving. To reveal painful sites and to offer the participation it is possible just together. The Coordination council at administration of the region will help with development of entrance tourism in island area “ - Ivan Malakhov has concluded.

  Lesprom Growth of wood branch of Primorski Krai has made 5%Ηΰ 10 months 2005 volume of a commodity output of a timber industry complex of Primorski Territory has made 3,787 mlrd rbl. (growth to a similar indicator of last year of 5 %). In total it is prepared 1854 thousand in cubic m of wood that almost on 3 % there is more than level of last year. It is more than half of preparations make the enterprises “ Ternejles “ (1028 thousand cubic) and “ Primorsklesprom “ (817 thousand cubic). Steady growth will reach in manufacture of forest products: “ a round timber “ - 1373,8 thousand in cubic m (+6 %), wood cutting - 1901 thousand in cubic m (+12,8 %). Export of saw-timbers has made more than 57 thousand in cubic m (+82 %). From the beginning of year by the enterprises of Primorski Territory it is made furniture on 35 million rbl. the highest rates of increase - in Open Company “ the Facade “ (29 %) and Open Society “ Ussurijskmebel “ (14 %).
Alexey TCHERNYSHEV, Vladivostok