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Divide and jastvuj

Yesterday Open Society Motor-Vilihinsky factories (MZ) has informed on results of the tender among applicants for management of a factory network table (12 objects). Commission MZ has made the decision to distribute prizes among three individual businessmen, thus having refused services of a former management company - Open Company the Case of Groups Perm . MZ have declared that by means of competition mashholding has received more favourable conditions and has reserved the right to itself control over quality of a food and by dinners. As the director for external relations MZ Igor Vagan has informed , yesterday have been summed up the tender for management of a network of factory dining rooms. According to the manager, all in competition participated an order of 10 companies among which were and earlier exercising administration of Open Company dining rooms the Case of Groups Perm and also Permtorgneft the Hunter and some individual businessmen. Following the results of competition IP of Loginov has received in management of 4 dining rooms of Open Company Kamastal IP Shutkina - 1 object. The greatest quantity of dining rooms (7) will be given IP Kleshchevnikovu (operates a network of coffee houses Chocolate and restaurant the Truffle ) . Igor Vagan has explained such decision to that Loginov`s businessmen and Shutkina already now co-operate with holding and employees are happy with quality of a food and service. With last and the largest lotopoluchatelem - businessman Sergey Kleshchevnikovym at motovilihi before there was no cooperation experience, however management MZ has satisfied its offer. in - the first, he has offered financial conditions more arranging us. In - the second, it has shown ability to organise a food at level of a good qualitative dining room - Igor Vagan has explained.
the Network of dining rooms of Open Society Motor-Vilihinsky factories consists of 13 objects. By spring of 2005 11 dining rooms MZ have been transferred under the scheme of outsourcing of the service company of Open Company the Case of Groups Perm (KGP). However in November mashholding has notified KGP on agreement in force cancellation, motivirovav it is search of more favourable offer. Then in mashholdinge have declared that claims to KGP on quality of a food and service questions were not. however from the financial point of view cooperation for us was a little inconvenient owing to certain treaty provisions. We have suggested to change it these conditions, but they on it have refused to go. Nevertheless, KGP have been invited to participation in the tender. And they have agreed, partially having changed conditions. However it it has appeared insufficiently against those applicants who have won - Igor Vagan has explained.
As has found out , KGP will continue management of dining rooms MZ, at least, prior to the beginning of 2006. It was supposed that we will work till December, 10th, 2005, however the company management has applied to continue work till January, 2006 - director KGP Konstantin Sinelshchin has informed. By data , KGP nevertheless does not leave hope and after this term to keep management over dining rooms MZ, doubting competitiveness of the won companies.
management MZ of competition results remains enough. We have raised the question about more rigid control over assortimentnoj a policy, process of a choice of suppliers of foodstuff and a question about bolshej a transparency from the point of view of formation of the cost price of a working dinner. Forbid a rise in prices we cannot, but we can supervise it, - Igor Vagan has informed, and also has noticed, - we wanted to create as much as possible qualitative food with the minimum costs for holding. We gradually come nearer to result wished for us .
the Won businessmen while are adjusted less optimistically. As businessman Sergey Kleshchevnikov has declared , contracts still are at a discussion stage. Still early to speak about the transaction while practically nothing all is solved, solved only theoretically. We plan to hold all meetings in December, and since January to begin work. We count that it will be interesting work. It is necessary to change the equipment, to make any reconstruction. But it will pass all in a planned order, most likely within several years. We agree with conditions MZ but to understand up to the end, time " is necessary; - mister Kleshchevnikov has noted.