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“ For us untouchable is not present “

Yesterday the new public prosecutor of Primorski Krai Alexander Anikin has shared with journalists the first impressions of the work in edge. As public prosecutor Anikin considers, kriminogennaja conditions here not strongly differ from a situation in other regions of Russia. Mister Anikin and " has not found; sharp difference “ edges from the point of view of level of corruption among officials. Nevertheless the new public prosecutor has declared that for it “ there are no untouchable persons “ and in case of revealing of the facts of corruption “ somebody “ the basic legal estimation will be given it. Yesterday Alexander Anikin has spent the first a press - conference as the public prosecutor of Primorski Territory. The former public prosecutor of the Tver region has entered a new post on September, 28th, 2005. Its predecessor Valery Vasilenko, under the official version, has retired on a length of service (then became vitse - the governor supervising power departments), but most likely, resignation of the public prosecutor has been caused by tragical incident in Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area of Vladivostok in February of current year: then the former employee of Office of Public Prosecutor has shot four colleagues three from which were lost.
knowing about reputation of mister Anikin as the irreconcilable fighter with corruption (it initiated excitation of criminal case concerning the governor of the Tver region Vladimir Platova upon no-purpose use of means of the budget, and eks - the head of region is sentenced to five years of imprisonment), many in Primorski Krai expected that the new public prosecutor will declare open war and local korruptsioneram. But at once after appointment mister Anikin has let know that fight against corruption - only one of components of work of Office of Public Prosecutor.
Yesterday Alexander Anikin has declared that as a priority in the activity considers control for uninterrupted heat - and an electrical supply of inhabitants of edge, debts liquidation on a salary, supervision of legislation execution on protection of biological resources. “ from any other Russian regions I have not noticed basic difference of Primorski Krai. Here there live the same people, with the same problems, cares, expectations, udachami and failures. As to features kriminogennoj conditions I would not tell that it strongly differs from other regions “ - public prosecutor Anikin has shared the first impressions of work in the Far East.
it has not found and “ sharp difference “ seaside and from the point of view of level of corruption of local officials. “ for those two months which I head Office of Public Prosecutor of the edge, any sign affairs about corruption concerning officials of a high rank it was not raised “ - mister Anikin of journalists has a little disappointed. But then the public prosecutor mnogoobeshchajushche has added: “ For us thereupon there are no untouchable persons, and in case of an establishment of the facts of infringement of the law somebody to it will give a basic legal estimation “.
it is not excluded that the first questions at the new public prosecutor of Primorski Krai will arise to officials of the mayoralty of the regional centre. Alexander Anikin recognised that knows about “ mood in a society that privatisation in Vladivostok occurs unfairly “. “ I hear about it, but, unfortunately, not from those people, which in any image have suffered during these processes. From those people from whom extort bribes who is compelled to go for transactions with conscience and any image promotes decomposition of bureaucracy, such references, unfortunately, at us are not present “ - the public prosecutor has informed. As he said, “ If someone is ready to share the concrete facts of abusing from officials of any rank “ it “ it is ready to listen and take necessary measures “.
While for the admitted infringements it is necessary to answer employees GIBBD of Vladivostok. As Alexander Anikin has informed, one of these days prosecutors together with GAI officers had been spent check of correctness of use spetssignalov on motor transport and “ for 2-3 hours āū’āėåķī11 infringers “. And various “ flashers “ have been illegally established on cars as unemployed, and the adviser of the mayor and vitse - the governor (names of the last mister Anikin did not begin to name). Thus in two cases infringers have shown permissions to installation spetssignalov, received from traffic police. “ separate check Is spent, and in case of revealing of infringement we will take measures of reaction concerning concrete officials of traffic police “ - the public prosecutor of Primorski Krai has told. “ I consider what to struggle with this phenomenon (illegal installation spetssignalov. - „“) it is possible - after all these people at all do not hide presence spetssignalov, and on the contrary - in every possible way them show. And I am surprised that it has not been stopped till now “ - Alexander Anikin has concluded.
Alexey TCHERNYSHEV, Vladivostok