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severo - the West has touched candidates for Public chamber

In St.-Petersburg on Friday there has passed conference on promotion of candidates for Public chamber (OP) from Severo - the Western federal district. Conference has approved all put forward nominees in spite of the fact that some regions have put forward on two representatives. It has caused indignation of some delegations which have received earlier instructions from plenipotentiary representation to select strictly on one person.
action has passed peacefully enough though the first attempt of the Petersburg public to select the candidates in OP in the end of October hardly has not ended with scandal. Elections on Severo - the West supervised the vice-president the Media union member OP Elena Zelinsky whom representatives of public organisations of St.-Petersburg have accused of attempt to palm off in advance co-ordinated list from 20 candidates. As a result of it have agreed to expand, though then the list was reduced again - some candidates took rejection.

in each region the selected twenty of delegates should choose the candidate in OP. However in Petersburg, Republic Komi and the Vologda area could not define one most worthy and have proposed on two candidates. why have sent instructions what should be only on one candidate, and three regions have put forward on two? - delegates from the Kaliningrad region were indignant after conference. I sent nothing to anybody - the madam Zelinsky beat off. As the member of the Kaliningrad delegation Alexander Korkin has explained, the regional public chamber has received from plenipotentiary representation position about elections of delegates (one candidate should be anybody, the truth, not signed) where it was said that from region only. means, you do not supervise election process though it is entrusted to you - mister Korkin of member OP Zelinsky has reproached.

process of election has occupied two hours. The assistant to the plenipotentiary Evgenie Makarov (plenipotentiary Ilya Klebanov at conference was absent as was in Moscow) has warned delegates that in chamber they should defend interests of all district, instead of the region then have started representation of candidates. Procedure unexpectedly enough has begun: acting as the first the chief negotiator of Kareliya has read a fragment from Kalevala ended with a line about edge orphaned and poor . As it was found out, the sense of the citation consisted in that work OP has helped Kareliya to get rid of such impartial definitions. And the representative of Republic Komi left on a tribune in a national suit and, having declared that represents the regional organisation of radical women has sung a song in language komi. Then has informed gathered that in chamber gathers To analyze laws from the point of view of ethnic and genetic memory .

Though in total delegates from 11 regions of district it was typed 14, the presidium where except the madam Zelinsky one more member OP sat, lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, has suggested to vote for all candidates the list, having shifted procedure of selection a six from them on shoulders of already selected members OP. Delegates did not object. Then for public men the buffet table on which they, having demanded has been arranged to switch off music, chorus have sung a song My address - Soviet Union .

, St.-Petersburg