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Yesterday in Bruxelles the meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the NATO on which US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice has explained to the European colleagues a question on secret flights of planes of CIA through the European air space has taken place. Without going into details, the head of the American foreign policy department has assured interlocutors that the USA observe three principles: the respect of international law, the sovereignty of the states and that fact that the authorities of foreign countries do not allow to torture prospective Islamic terrorists .
Heads of diplomacy of NATO member states remained such answer are happy. explanations of madam Rice have completely satisfied participants of a meeting, - the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium the Karelian de has declared Gjuht. - On this theme it has not been told anything new, however discussion has allowed to systematise available information . According to the secretary general of NATO Jaapa de Hoopa Sheffera, negotiations between madam Rice and its European colleagues about confidential prisons of CIA ostensibly located in Europe, have cleared a situation and have put an end to discussions on this theme .

Besides, during meeting of the head of foreign policy departments of the countries of the NATO have decided to prolong and expand peace-making mission of an alliance in Afghanistan. Heads the NATO Ministry of Foreign Affairs have confirmed a detailed plan of continuation of military operation in Afghanistan according to which next spring on the south of this country will be directed additional, mainly British and Canadian, armies by number of 6 thousand persons.

discuss Georgian - the Osset conflict
the Special envoy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Valery Kenjakin who is the co-chairman the mixed supervisory commission on settlement Georgian - the Osset conflict Has urgently taken off yesterday from Moscow for Tbilisi, whence it then has gone to Tskhinvali for the organisation of an emergency meeting of the commission.

however the co-chairman of the commission from the Georgian party George Haindrava has declared to journalists that to it is not clear, for what purpose ambassador Kenjakin flies to Georgia: We did not agree about carrying out of session of the mixed supervisory commission in Tskhinvali, and I do not intend while to participate in it. And without the representative of Georgia it will be unauthorized .

the Source in the state office of Georgia has told that the management of Georgia tends to refusal of participation in negotiations in a present format more and more: As any participation of the representative of Georgia in negotiations is used by separatists not for achievement of real results on full-scale settlement, and only for demonstration of pseudo-legitimacy of their mode, in the near future representatives of Georgia will participate in negotiations only in the event that the question on definition of the status of South Ossetia will be brought in the agenda as a part of Georgia - has noted a source, wished to remain not named.

till this day the Osset party disagreed with entering into the agenda of this question as representatives of Tskhinvali repeatedly declared that the question on the status of South Ossetia is already solved - we are a part of Russia and intend to discuss with Georgia only questions of boundary interstate cooperation .

, Tbilisi

Moscow and Beijing discuss contacts for a year
Yesterday in Beijing have begun Russian - the Chinese negotiations on which questions of preparation of Year of Russia in China and Year of China in Russia are discussed. According to earlier reached arrangements, 2006 will be Year of Russia in China, and 2007 - Year of China in Russia. At opening ceremony of a meeting the head of the Russian delegation the first deputy of the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev who is the chairman of organising committee on carrying out of Year of Russia in the Peoples Republic of China and Year of the Peoples Republic of China in Russia, has expressed confidence that present negotiations will promote development of mutual relations . Official visit of mister Medvedev to the Peoples Republic of China will last till December, 9th. During visit it will be accepted by the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao.

the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will take part in opening ceremony of Year of Russia in China in 2006.