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The question price

the Thief should be imprisoned, the terrorist - on the basis of Guantanamo (if, of course, him before will not kill during antiterrorist operation). And should (and whether can) the terrorist to sit in parliament? History with the Egyptian grouping Brothers - Moslems ranked was to to the terrorist organisations but thus - happens such!, despite the interdictions, existed half a century and on last elections won record number of mandates, does not keep within in one of habitual to us is black - white schemes of an epoch of global fight against terrorism. It is interesting to these not only Egypt, but also other world, in tens countries on - to a miscellaneous solving the same question: what to do with the radicals which are not entered in a political mainstream, but thus considering the present mainstream? Whether it is necessary to isolate them and peredushit how hens, or it is better to try to integrate them into political process, having entered with them in uneasy and even competition of persons quite often dangerous to the mighty of this world, programs, ideas?
a rigid line - to wet in a toilet - can be effective in that case when speech really goes about small group, a handful of turncoats. However often it appears that radicals which are to be written down for simplicity of business in the terrorists any not outcasts, and influential force. Not all after all look how already forgotten partially Italian red brigades or Japanese red army from far 70 - h, whose leaders attain the age in chambers.

in it is that and all horror consists: it is found out that pretty often the power method does not work - on all there will be no toilets. It is enough examples of such countries and territories. In Shri - Lanke grouping Tigers of clearing of Tamil Ilama Is the real power on severo - the island east. But for authorities Shri - Lanki Tigers remain terrorists with whom do not agree, and are at war. In the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir the separatists united in Islamic Hurrijat possess, perhaps, not smaller weight. But dialogue with them at the authorities does not develop - and Islamic radicals appear behind a board of political process in problem staff where the order in many respects keeps on the Indian bayonets. There are two more vivid examples in the Near East - grouping Hamas in Palestin and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hamas becomes a headache not only for Israel, but also for the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and party in power headed by it Fath . Fidelity does not prevent hamasovtsam to prove to ideals of an intifada the ambitions become leading political force on elections. These ambitions far are not groundless - the grouping enjoys wide popularity in the Palestinian weights.

having opened to Brothers - to Moslems a way to parliament, the authorities of Egypt have given the answer what to do with radicals torn to the power. Having let out the genie from a bottle and by that having run risks, they in something have won. So far as Brothers - Moslems became a political reality there is nothing them to do in an Islamic underground. And experience of Egypt is how much universal, each country will solve for itself.