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The public chamber insures the rights of tourists

Yesterday political scientist Sergey Markov declared the new initiative of Public chamber and social council at the president under human rights - about mass introduction of the so-called legal policy insuring the Russian tourists on a case of infringement of their rights abroad. Authors of the project plan to present already in the beginning of next year corresponding amendments to the law About protection of the rights of consumers in the State Duma. However, representatives of the tourist`s industry are convinced that legal policies will appear not claimed.
the legal policy on a plan of authors of the project should protect the Russian tourists as from the foreigners breaking the rights of Russians abroad, and from the Russian tour operators which are not guaranteeing qualities of a tour. The Russian who has bought round to Egypt or Turkey, for example, quite often faces that places in the reserved hotel appear are occupied. Besides it the tourist can have problems with foreign police, and in this case the Russian, according to legal experts, it appears is not protected absolutely not.

the company - the insurer should incur problems of the owner of the legal policy. According to a member of Public chamber of Sergey Markova, in the countries using the greatest demand at Russians, first of all in Turkey and Egypt, should appear call - the centres which will operatively connect the victim with rescue service, the Russian consulate, police. Differently, the Russian tourist can receive round-the-clock legal consultation in a native language or the help of the local lawyer.

experiment on delivery of legal policies, by the way, is already conducted two years. However, according to mister Markova, special demand for them is not present. To make the legal policy mass service it is possible, according to supporters of the project, only having demanded from tour operators to put it in a tour package, as the medical insurance. it is inexpensive, the legal policy costs no more than $2 - 3, and it should not become an obstacle - Sergey Markov speaks.

the head of human rights organisation the Tourist of the rights the Novel Bobylev is assured that the Russian travel agencies are most less interested in occurrence in the market of legal policies: We offered several Russian travel agencies free policies, but to us refused and it . Defenders of the rights of the Russian tourists are assured that tourist agencies dempingujut at the expense of decrease in guarantees to tourists.

it is not necessary to think, as if tour operators are not interested in legal policies, - denies this opinion a press - the secretary of the Russian union of the tourist`s industry Irina Tyurin. - Tourists do not want to be insured, simply count that abroad with them happens nothing. Russian after all by the nature fatalists . At the same time tour operators insist that registration of the legal policy should remain voluntary. the concept of the legal policy does not exist in the law ` About bases of tourist activity ` so, the travel agency is not obliged to render the client of such service - Tyurin`s madam explains.

meanwhile insurers have already declared readiness to master a new market niche. at good advertising this service quickly becomes claimed, and the Russian insurance market is ready to give it - the president of National insurance group Yury Reshetnjak has assured. In its opinion, the legal insurance really should go in one package with medical : The medical insurance already became the realised choice of the Russian tourists, soon they will understand that abroad legal security " is necessary for them also;.

the Working group at Public chamber should present to the amendment State Duma in the law About protection of the rights of the consumer already in the beginning of next year. Quite possibly, deputies will consider them together with offers of Rosturizma. Department has developed amendments to the law About tourist activity demanding from tourist agencies of financial guarantees before the clients, connected with unforeseen circumstances - for example, operative export of citizens of Russia from a natural disaster area abroad. Only in case of acceptance on itself of such obligations the agency can get to the state register of tour operators.