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Insurance business Komestry - the Center there was criminal


Yesterday a general director the Inter-regional insurance agreement (MRSS) Simeon Akerman has declared excitation of criminal case concerning a management of one of the partners on to the autocitizen - the companies Komestra - the Center . It has disappeared from the market in September, without having returned MRSS forms of policies on to the autocitizen . If Simeon Akermana`s run away partners recognise as guilty, to them threatens till ten years of prison. the Detective story with policies autocitizens MRSS has begun in September. Then from the Moscow office has disappeared Komestra - the Center which earlier on contractual relations with MRSS sold its policies of obligatory insurance of an autocivil liability (OSAGO) (see from September, 20th). As Simeon Akerman, has told on June, 28th yesterday all relations with Komestroj - the Center MRSS has stopped, however forms of policies autocitizens it was not possible to return. Then, in an early autumn, the former chief executive Komestry - the Center Igor Ukrainsky has got for $500 thousand other insurer - Fideliti - the Reserve . And in November MRSS has accused Fideliti - the Reserve in theft of the policies (see from November, 16th). In turn, the mister has accused the Ukrainian of illegal sale of policies MRSS (at Fideliti - the Reserve unlike Komestry - the Center there was a licence on the autocitizen ) . Then MRSS declared the lost 60 163 forms of policies on OSAGO with the formulation in connection with hit in hands of unfair intermediaries . According to the data of the Russian union of autoinsurers (RSA), following the results of nine months 2005, MRSS has occupied 15 - e a place on gathering OSAGO (677 million roubles, 350 143 concluded contracts autocitizens ). Policies of OSAGO MRSS sell an order of 40 intermediaries of the insurer. Under the accounting data Komestry - the Center following the results of the first quarter 2005 the insurer, according to Federal Agency of insurance supervision, occupied 269 - e a place on gathering in Russia (58,4 million roubles). According to RSA, Fideliti - the Reserve following the results of nine months 2005 occupied 151 - e a place among insurers OSAGO (3,2 million roubles, 1407 concluded contracts autocitizens ) . Yesterday Simeon Akerman has declared that the Office of Public Prosecutor of Northern administrative district of Moscow has brought action in the relation a top - management Komestry - the Center under article 159 UK a part 4: the Swindle made by organised group or in especially large size . Punishment under this article - imprisonment for the term from five till ten years. The conclusion can be accompanied by the penalty to 1 million roubles at a rate of the salary condemned for the period till three years. Mister Akerman did not begin to name quantity of persons in which relation criminal case is brought. It has explained that on separate episodes there are involved the general director Komestry - the Center Evgenie Majboroda and Igor Ukrainsky. Yesterday it was not possible to contact these misters. Evgenie Majborody`s mobile phone simply did not answer, and on mobile Igor Ukrainsky was attentively listened by questions and have declared that the mister the Ukrainian is occupied. In the meantime management MRSS, having faced disappearance of one of the partners, spends audit of other counterparts. Besides, board of directors MRSS has made decision to pay losses for the policies OSAGO sold by persons, involved to Komestre - the Center already after rupture of relations with this insurer - during the period from June, 29th till September, 28th. However, of the company assure that payments will be received only by victims in road accident because of diligent purchasers of policies MRSS. Therefore for reception of payment of the company it is required to show the original of the policy and the document confirming its payment. Payments under policies MRSS sold by employees Komestry - the Center after June, 28th, are not provided by insurance reserves. The matter is that, under Simeon Akermana`s statement, collected from sale of the insurance the award was not listed in MRSS. Therefore payments on lost the way to policies will go from capital MRSS. Under such policies Simeon Akerman estimates total amount of payments in 70 - 80 million roubles. TATYANA - GRISHIN