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The Kamchatka deputies have refused to pay to GAI officers

Yesterday and. An island of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kamchatka Victor Homjakov has officially warned about possible dismissal of all police officers of public safety (MOB) areas. Mister Homjakov has explained that necessary means for its maintenance in the regional budget of next year is not put, and has declared that the governor of Kamchatka Michael Mashkovtsev has promised to liquidate MOB since May, 1st, 2006 if will not follow the help from the federal budget. Thus, already next spring the peninsula can remain without GAI, local policemen, and also firemen and rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.
under the statement of the governor of the Kamchatka area of Michael Mashkovtseva, in the absence of financing from the federal budget it the strong-willed decision liquidates since May, 1st, 2006 militia of public safety - has informed yesterday and. An island of the head of the regional Department of Internal Affairs Victor Homjakov. MOB under the law it is financed from local budgets, but in the budget of the Kamchatka area accepted recently for 2006 of means for its maintenance are put only for first four months: from necessary 468 million rbl. (including 268 million rbl. for salaries to employees) it is allocated by 138 million rbl. (the monetary maintenance of militiamen - 136 million rbl.) . Proceeding from the accepted budget, we should warn our 826 employees for two months about reduction, liquidate service of district militia officers, dorozhno - patrol service of GAI, patrol - sentry duty, inspection on affairs of minors and a number of other divisions, - mister Homjakov has noticed. - there is a question to deputies and the governor: who since May, 1st will provide safety of citizens, to protect a public order, to regulate traffic and to leave on road accident?

the consolidated budget of the Kamchatka area accepted at session of council of People`s Deputies on December, 6th, is estimated in 11,3 mlrd rbl. at 15 % deficiency. The regional authorities explain shortage of means a fuel rise in price. The matter is that the Kamchatka area traditionally is dotatsionnym region, and the most part of expenses of the budget is necessary on a fuel component: black oil, zavozimyj tankers for needs of boiler-houses and power stations. To autumn of this year of the price for fuel have sharply grown that has given to the Kamchatka authorities the grounds to speak about budgetary crisis. An exit from it the governor also declared reduction of expenses - including on the maintenance of militia and services of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Despite forecasts of scientists about possibility on peninsula in the near future of destructive earthquake, in the budget - 2006 financing of firemen and rescuers is reduced to two thirds, assignment for creation of material stocks (first of all medicines) on an emergency situation case is completely excluded. In GU the Ministries of Emergency Measures of the Kamchatka area say that on the money provided in the budget it is possible to pay the salary only 15 firemen. The others too should be reduced, if it will not be possible to the regional authorities, as they count, to beat out means at the federal centre.

At the same time the discontent of inhabitants of Kamchatka causes that at reduction of budgetary expenses, legislators have found means on 50 - percentage increase of salaries to officials of a category And, including the governor. Officially the sum of a salary of the first person of area is not disclosed, however, according to local mass-media, in 2004 this sum made 100 thousand rbl.

We have been compelled to finish the decision (about financing reduction. - ) to Minister of Internal Affairs Rashida Nurgalieva, the plenipotentiary of the president in Far East federal district Kamilja Ishakova and Offices of Public Prosecutor - the head of the Department of Internal Affairs has informed. It has expressed hope that neither the government, nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not allow, certainly, to liquidate significant division of law-enforcement structure, to leave empty settlements on peninsula and by that to create precedent in separately taken region .

In regional Office of Public Prosecutor yesterday have informed that check of legality of the accepted law on the budget of the Kamchatka area and the reference of a management of the Department of Internal Affairs will be spent to the terms established by the law.

, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij