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In the Kremlin have found a forgery
&n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; It is said that till February officials can sleep easily, because in two next months any shifts on an imperious Olympus is not expected. That to last personnel shake-up gossips on - former break heads over that who actually has lobbied it.

                At one time all thought that last personnel shifts - a handwork of omnipotent Kremlin inhabitant Igor Sechina. However recently from the Kremlin the hearing has come that this master of a secret intrigue in general has appeared not in a course of an event and strongly was upset from - that its protege the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev has not received an armchair of the plenipotentiary of the president in the Volga region. Tell that as if zamglavy the Kremlin administration has decided to find out all first-hand - from the president. It is said that that has calmed him: the pier, all personnel decisions were accepted by it personally contrary to recommendations of lobbyists from an environment. and now let think that all it means - as if Vladimir Putin has told.
by the way, these personnel shifts already had certain consequences for business. Not a secret that the Kremlin officials quite often act in a role of peacemakers in ticklish situations for businessmen. So, on hearings, recently certain employees of Presidential Administration undertook for razrulivanie a scandal story with the bill for $300 million, shown last winter of the Angarsk petrochemical company belonging to YUKOS (ANHK). The bill as if has appeared a forgery, and in Bratsk, on hearings, criminal case about it concerning owners lihtenshtejnskoj New Century Securities, shown it for payment has been brought. First there was an opinion that all this history - a handwork Interros but then persistent hearings have gone that behind the mysterious company from a princedom Liechtenstein costs the Canadian businessman Mark Gelfand.
the name of this native of the USSR became known for the first time in connection with a number of scandals in which, Victor Kalyuzhny appeared in the past the head of Ministry of Fuel and Energy. The Canadian, on hearings, from - for swindles with oil deliveries has been put on the international wanted list. It is said that he has created the channel of deliveries of oil to Belarus and to Ukraine through the Tyumen customs and the fictitious joint ventures which founders were employees of that time Tomskneft including Victor Kalyuzhny. Since then about Mark Gelfand in Russia anything it was not audible. And here now his name has emerged again in connection with scandalous bill ANHK.
If to trust hearings, scandal in Bratsk not without the aid of certain Kremlin inhabitants wonderfully managed to be hushed up, but recently business about the false bill has unexpectedly emerged in Moscow. And say that this time those whom name " were engaged in it; competent bodies operating from giving Rosneft which this bill tried to sell. And now gossips guess, as recent shifts in the Kremlin will affect lobbist possibilities of mister Gelfand.
it is necessary to recognise fairly - from forgeries nobody is insured. Even the president of the Russian Federation. It is said that Vladimir Putin has appeared the owner of a counterfeit picture. About it gossips were whispered last week after arrest of a married couple Preobrazhenskiy, owners of gallery Russian collection . It is said that the decline of career Petersburg galeristov, counterfeit antiquarian pictures accused of sale, has begun that the director of the Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky as - that has found out nonnative Ayvazovsky in Vladimir Putin`s personal collection.
the special piquancy of this history is given by that fact that the picture of the known marine painter, on hearings, has been presented the president in its birthday, and as the donator Vladimir Potanin has acted. It is said that about tastes and preferences of the president in painting the oligarch has learnt during Vladimir Putin`s September visit to the USA as was as a part of official delegation and in general has acted as the main sponsor of an art exhibition Russia! organised under home nursing of the Russian president in nju - jorkskom a museum of Solomona Guggenhajma. Exhibition opening have dated for Vladimir Putin`s visit, and it has passed with the big pomp. Now gossips are whispered that to oligarch Potanin and in a bad dream could not dream that presented by it to the president the picture will appear a fake.
and at last business news. It is said that split in numbers a top - multinational corporation management - BP ripens. On hearings, the Russian co-owners of the oil-extracting giant are dissatisfied with how their British partners run business. It is said that British have not bad acquired that such business on - russki, otterev Russians from profitable business - the conclusions of service contracts. And now solve, who from suppliers and on what conditions will serve oil wells. We, truth, do not surrender. If to trust hearings, recently from their giving criminal case against heads of one of " has been brought; daughters the multinational corporation which are accused of order infringement nedropolzovanija. It is rumored that similar scandal ripens and around Saratovneftegaza . And still local gossips assert that a recently certain citizen of its majesty and a top - the manager of the multinational corporation - BP became accused on criminal case upon drawing of heavy physical injuries. I do not know, who was beaten there by the furious British, but scandal has turned out notable.