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&n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; last week it became known that the motor-car manufacturer largest in Russia - Open Society of Autovases - became object of nationalisation. In December the majority of places in board of directors the Autovase representatives of the state, and in the beginning of 2006 will occupy an enterprise controlling stock will be sold by one of affiliated structures FGUP “ Rosoboroneksport “. The Kremlin has shown again the ability to spend small victorious wars in the Russian industry.

the Course oboronpromom the First call, announcing that in destiny of the largest Russian car factory basic changes approach, has rung out one month ago when it has been declared resignation of the chairman of board of directors Vladimir Kadannikov`s Autovase. However the reasons and consequences of this event became known only in the beginning of last week when was, it is possible to tell, the fact of transition of control over factory to the state is confirmed officially.
names of candidates for new board of directors the Autovase (voting by them will pass on December, 22nd at extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Open Society) on November, 21st have been published. Then it was found out that seven places from 12 in council will be occupied with representatives of state structures. He/she is head Rosproma Boris Alyoshin, zamgendirektora “ Rosoboroneksporta “ Vladimir Artjakov and the head of department “ Rosoboroneksporta “ Igor Esipovsky, three representatives Vneshtorgbanka, among which senior vice-president VTB Vasily Titov and vice-president Valery Lukyanenko, and also general director of Open Company to KATYA, the senior lecturer of chair of multi-purpose tracklaying vehicles of MGTU Maxim Nagajtsev whom name the old acquaintance of head “ Rosoboroneksporta “ Sergey Chemezova. The remained places will be divided by three members of operating board of directors (the head of industrial council of factory Anatoly Melnikov, the chairman of trade-union committee the Autovase Nikolay Karagin and the representative of minority shareholders of Open Society head AG Capital Albert Gavrikov) and two new participants - the vice-president of the enterprise for marketing Vladimir Kuchaj and the assistant to the general director of Open Society “ the Automobile All-Russia alliance “ (AVVA, 38,2 % of actions of factory) Dmitry Razorenov own.
the Full picture of an event on the Autovase has cleared up after some days. According to the governor of the Samara region Konstantin Titov the public has learnt that personnel shifts at factory are a direct consequence of change of its basic owner. “ ` Rosoboroneksport ` the Autovase " supervises 51 % of actions; - the governor has declared. However, it has made a reservation that “ actual control yet does not mean legal “. However sources “ Money “ At factory assert that an establishment of legal control “ Rosoboroneksporta “ over AvtoVAZom - business almost solved.

the military action It has appeared that sale of actions the Autovase prepared in October when Vladimir Kadannikov only was going to resign. By data “ Money “ then on a top - the manager left representatives of group JUICE (the manufacturer of cars second for volumes in Russia, supervising about half of deliveries of autocomponents on the conveyor the Autovase, and also sale of production of factory and the secondary market of spare parts for its production) with the offer to sell it enterprise actions. Mister Kadannikov has been inclined to accept these offers, but is unexpected in its negotiations with group has interfered “ Rosoboroneksport “.
By data “ Money “ Sergey Chemezov became the initiator of intervention. Together with Boris Alyoshin it on behalf of the state has begun alternative negotiations with Vladimir Kadannikov about the repayment of a controlling interest the Autovase. To accelerate acceptance of the positive decision on factory sale “ Rosoboroneksportu “ the call of the high-ranking person from the Kremlin has helped Vladimir Kadannikov.
and on October, 27th board of directors the Autovase before to accept resignation of mister Kadannikov, has approved the report on the transaction with actions the Autovase, and also the contract on sale “ Rosoboroneksportu “ two affiliated structures of factory supervising 61,8 % of its actions, - AVVA and Joint-Stock Company “ the Central branch of Automobile financial corporation “ (TSO AFK). By data “ Money “ the sum of transaction will exceed $700 million, the delay of payment for actions is thus provided.
According to sources “ Money “ the first payment “ Rosoboroneksport “ will spend in December, and the second - in the beginning of next year. Which structure “ Rosoboroneksporta “ buys AVVA and TSO AFK while it is not known. One of the sources close to “ Rosoboroneksportu “ assumes that it will be Joint-Stock Company “ Oboronimpeks “ which “ Rosoboroneksport “ owns together with Foreign trade and investment bank (veb, supervises 25 % of this Joint-Stock Company and about 7 % of actions the Autovase).
to Finance new acquisition “ Rosoboroneksporta “ will be VTB. Occurrence in the State Bank transaction was quite predicted: now it is the basic serving bank “ Rosoboroneksporta “ also finances the enterprises of the defensive industry. Recently one of a top - managers VTB told “ to Money “ that under the transaction with actions the Autovase on accounts VTB is reserved the sum close to $1 billion

Is export - the import prospect Change of the proprietor the Autovase is accompanied by active flow in Tolyatti representatives of power structures. At the moment of delivery of this number “ Money “ FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been sent to the press in a city about 300 employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor. This information is not advertised, and sources in the Department of Internal Affairs of Tolyatti have explained that visits of agents of national security are directly connected with preparing delegation of power on the Autovase. After all the factory is known as one of the most criminal enterprises of Russia, and agents of national security should supervise it in change of an operating command.
simultaneously sources on the Autovase assert that “ Rosoboroneksport “ has already sent on factory of anti-recessionary managers. They should familiarise with work of the enterprise and to prepare the strategy of its reorganisation assuming sale of not profile actives and reduction of the staff.
mister Artjakov, which sources " will supervise this work, most likely; Money “ name the future head of board of directors the Autovase. For this purpose at the employee “ Rosoboroneksporta “ there is all necessary data. In 1997 it worked under Vladimir Putin`s direct management in Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation. Then Vladimir Artjakov was the chief of department on work with the property abroad, and mister Putin in quality zamglavy upravdelami supervised this direction. Besides, as explain in “ Rosoboroneksporte “ now Vladimir Artjakov answers in Sergey Chemezova`s department for work of regional representations which, in turn, contact to the industrial enterprises. That is even from the formal point of view interaction with AvtoVAZom and was included earlier into duties of mister Artjakova. Meanwhile a top - the manager of the assumption of the appointment as the head of board of directors the Autovase does not make comments, and data on purchase oboronpromom AVVA and TSO AFK names false.
nevertheless mister Artjakov admits that “ Rosoboroneksport “ “ With readiness has accepted the offer of shareholders to enter the Autovase the representatives into enterprise board of directors “. “ It is normal practice, - Vladimir Artjakov assures. - employees ` Rosoboroneksporta ` are included into boards of directors of many largest enterprises of the Russian mechanical engineering as it is strategic branch for the country. Our cooperation with AvtoVAZom will impulse the enterprise for development and will help it to eliminate backlog from world car industry “.
In what support the Autovase " will particularly consist; Rosoboroneksportom “ mister Artjakov has held back, having advised to wait decisions of general meeting of shareholders on December, 22nd. It is not excluded that one of results of arrival “ Rosoboroneksporta “ on Autovases there is an increase in export deliveries of factory (now the enterprise sends abroad about 90 thousand cars a year - hardly more than 12 % from manufacture total amount), especially in developing countries.
As it is known, “ Rosoboroneksport “ has about 60 foreign trade missions and possesses the export not only arms right. In 2001 at the statement of the charter of the company its heads Andrey Beljaninov and Sergey Chemezov have achieved for “ Rosoboroneksporta “ the rights to perform trading operations not only with military goods, but also with other goods - up to oil, precious metals and even financial tools. We will note, as mister Artjakov, and its colleague Igor Esipovsky some years ago were engaged in “ Rosoboroneksporte “ so-called offset programs - forms of foreign counter trade when the parties exchange the goods and services.
it is curious that Autovases, the ardent opponent of import of foreign cars to Russia, as a result of arrival of the new proprietor to the person “ Rosoboroneksporta “ itself can be engaged in import to Russia foreign cars.
In June Malaysian autocorporation Proton Holdings declared plans of deliveries for the Russian market of the cars on account of transaction payment “ Rosoboroneksporta “ from the Minister of Defence of Malaysia on delivery to this country of 18 fighters of the Sou - 30جتج in 2006 - 2007 total cost more than $900 million the Main obstacle for Proton on a way of import of cars to Russia was absence of a marketing network. It is not excluded that finally the Malaysian autoconcern will have an opportunity to sell the production through a dealer network the Autovase.
at last, the most courageous assumptions about the further destiny the Autovase are constructed that “ Rosoboroneksport “ will load the enterprise gosoboronzakazami. Sources “ Money “ assert that the means obtained from sale of actions AVVA and TSO AFK, car factory can direct on manufacture development - in particular, on installation of lines on release of military-oriented cars.