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The president brakes association of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Hordes

In the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region (UOBAO) the new scheme of carrying out of referenda on association of subjects of federation is accepted. On December, 7th the district thought has confirmed the mechanism corresponding to last changes in the federal legislation. Thus, the area and an autonomy become the regions first in Russia integrated under the advanced scheme. This process only Vladimir Putin brakes: he has not signed till now the reference of heads of regions with the unifying initiative.
to have time to hold a referendum in April, 2006 as it planned earlier, regional and district deputies have managed to bring in the shortest terms regional laws on referenda into accord with accepted in October the State Duma and the amendments which have come into force on November, 3rd to the constitutional law About an acceptance order in the Russian Federation and formations in its structure of the new subject of the Russian Federation And to co-ordinate the bills with the Central Electoral Commission. According to the amendments brought by the president, the right to initiate a unifying referendum belongs now to the higher officials of regions, instead of initiative groups of citizens, thus association procedure can be started only after the head of the state will approve the corresponding offer of the regional authorities. Amendments contain one more important for process of integration of regions point: if in one of subjects the referendum is recognised by not taken place, the law supposes carrying out not later than in 45 days of the second round of voting. If one of regions at all does not approve idea of association in this case the unifying initiative can be put forward repeatedly only in a year.

deputies of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region have approved corresponding amendments to the local legislation on November, 30th, district deputies - on December, 7th. According to new edition of the law about promotion of the unifying initiative together with a variant of a question taken out on a referendum governors direct the decision to the head of the state. In case of official approval by the president of this initiative governors direct a package of documents to Legislative Assemblies of the regions which within 30 days are obliged to consider documents and to appoint referendum date. Official campaign for referendum carrying out starts from the date of official publication of the decision of parliament.

however in unifying process there was a hitch already at the first stage. As informed, the reference of heads of the Irkutsk region and UOBAO Alexander Tishanina and Valery Maleeva to Vladimir Putin about intention to unite has been signed by both parties still on October, 11th. However till now the official answer of the head of the state has not followed, though the governor of Angarski Krai Alexander Tishanin repeatedly declared that Vladimir Putin has signed the document.

Meanwhile the sluggishness of the head of the state calls into question into referendum carrying out on April, 16th as it has been originally planned, after all on carrying out of propaganda campaign at its initiators remains to very few time. Thus the head of election committee of the Irkutsk region Victor Ignatenko already declared earlier that referendum carrying out in April will negatively affect its results as at this time year voters will prefer to voting the ground areas, and warned that will not be to draw figures at voting . The chairman of the commission of Irkutsk parliament on the control activity, the first secretary Irkutsk obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Levchenko agrees that results of a referendum can appear negative as on its preparation there is too small term.

, Irkutsk