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The court has not accepted massacre videorecording

the Next scandal has occurred yesterday in the Supreme court of Karachaevo-Circassia where case of the son-in-law of the president of KCHR Ali Kaitova accused of the organisation of murder of the deputy of republican parliament Rasula of Bogatyryov and its six of friends is considered. The court has refused videocassette viewing on which, under the statement of the lawyer of mister Kaitova, the attack on a summer residence of its client of grouping of deputy Bogatyryov is fixed.
we will remind, lawyer Boris Kuznetsov insists on innocence of client Ali Kaitova and it podelnikov. Under its statement, in the night from 10 for October, 11th, 2004 on a summer residence of the son-in-law of president KCHR there was not a premeditated murder of deputy Bogatyryov and its six friends, and actions within the limits of admissible self-defence have been made. At yesterday`s session the lawyer was ready to give the convincing proof of the correctness - but the court has rejected it.

the Sensational cartridge was a year later after murder in the house at Soltana Chomaeva supervising CHOP Athena which employees protected a summer residence of mister Kaitova. The Cousin of mister Chomaeva Shamil is searched till now as the accomplice of murder.

under indications of Soltana Chomaeva, he has established an additional tracking camera in the end of August - the beginning of September, 2004 secretly from Ali Kaitova. By means of the chamber he wanted to check up hearings that employees of protection drive at night on a summer residence of girls. A tracking camera under its task has got and the employee of service of electronic safety of Open Society " has established; Kavkaztsement Sergey Shuvaev. Mister Shuvaev on court has declared that some days before investigated events it dismantled the chamber. However, under the certificate of Soltana Chomaeva, it all - taki worked. Its objective has been directed on parking at camping gate, and on the cartridge shootings since the morning on October, 10th till the night on October, 11th when on a summer residence the attack has been ostensibly made have remained: It is visible, as in the dark on parking two cars approach, shooting begins, round the car people in a camouflage run. Persons of participants of action it is not visible from - for darkness. Right after these shots the chamber was disconnected from - for switching-off of system of power supplies of a summer residence . Under indications of witness Chomaeva to give its cartridge Boris Kuznetsov who has presented to its court as a material evidence of innocence of Ali Kaitova has convinced.

the Lawyer of an affected party Vladimir Postanjuk has opposed viewing of this cartridge and its familiarising with business. Later he has explained the position so: Indications of the witness do not represent the facts. CHomaev asserts that chambers were disconnected, when have switched off an electricity. Really, barman Vinogradov (the witness earlier interrogated in court. - ) switched off illumination of external perimetre of a summer residence. But at what here the chamber? Under indications of Shuvaeva, it has been connected to the general electroboard and be switched off together with lanterns could not. Besides, light have disconnected already after the tragedy has occurred, instead of during murder. And at last, if Chomaev has decided to check the employees why the chamber is directed on parking at summer residence gate, instead of on protection office accommodations? And in general to spy without the court sanction illegally. If on the cartridge there was a record about which the witness Kaitov would be on freedom already one year ago " speaks;.

the State accuser, and then and judge Natalia Zaderjakina have not accepted the cartridge, having declared that shootings were spent illegally, and it is considered infringement of an order of gathering and granting of proofs. Besides, the court has specified in excess of powers by lawyer Boris Kuznetsovym.

After judicial session lawyer Kuznetsov has accused court of bias and has declared the intention to challenge to the judge and a state accuser at following session which will take place on December, 14th. The lawyer considers that the court deliberately ignores the facts presented to it.

the impression is made that the people serving process behind walls of court, bungle and show nonprofessionalism, - the sister of killed deputy Bogatyryov Fatima has declared. - Wanted to throw the weapon in the house of my brother - were mistaken the address and have thrown in not completed house of the uncle. Now this cartridge. They have forgotten that on the cartridge besides a scene ` night fight with not clear persons ` should be shown, how my brother leaves the car and easy comes on a summer residence of Kaitova. But witnesses have not told about it words .

, Cherkessk