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One card for two
&n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; &n bsp; the Russian market of the cards which are let out by banks together with the companies - partners, grows. This year banks have pleased the clients at once with several novelties. And one of the Russian projects has been recognised this year by the international payment system MasterCard the best among kobrendov.

As a rule, in a year there are some tens new kobrendingovyh projects. In 2005 the project the Megaphone - Citybank on the basis of credit cards MasterCard has been named the best start of the program 2004 - 2005 at VI conference MasterCard Europe in Budapest, passed in September. And it competed not only with Russian kobrendovymi programs, but also with all kobrendami, let out in 2004 - 2005 in Europe.
we Will remind that in May Citybank together with the company the Megaphone - Moscow has let out a credit card the Megaphone - Citybank with a crediting grace period under 0 % annual within 50 days. One of the basic advantages of this card is possibility of automatic account replenishment in a network the Megaphone - Moscow . As soon as the rest on phone account reaches the minimum threshold, from a card the Megaphone - Citybank payment for conversations arrives automatically. The subscriber chooses the sum of automatic payment itself.
a megaphone - Citybank - not unique kobrend in the field of mobile telecommunications. Rosbank and the company a Biline have offered earlier card Visa Beebonus. This card too is credit (the rate - 24 % annual in a month), but without a grace period during which from the holder of a card interests on credit do not undertake. At the same time holders of these cards receive bonuses at fee of the communication which have been carried out by means of cards. for any bank kobrend is first of all possibility to expand the client base at the expense of the offer of interesting and non-standard card products and to achieve bolshej recognition among other banks. Especially if as the partner on kobrendu the known company acts. Hardly it is possible to estimate success of such projects only in figures - Igor Zotikov considers the deputy director of department of bank cards of Rosbank.
One of the most successful long-playing kobrendovyh projects, according to the majority of the interrogated bankers, is the card let out by the Savings Bank Visa Aeroflot . Its holders become participants of the program Aeroflot - a bonus . The points saved up under the program can be used on flights Aeroflot for increase of a class of service or reception of the right to free flights. This project operates some years and uses enviable popularity at passengers. According to the director of department of uncommercial operations of bank Globeks Denis Hrenova, the success of the project has been predetermined: Two companies which are leaders of the market in the areas, have united efforts in work with the most active part of client base on the basis of the most successful payment financial product, having created thus a convenient infrastructure, clear and transparent system of charge and the account of the points, favourable to clients .
Idea of the Savings Bank has picked up the Russian standard also has created very similar, but only a revolving credit card Aeroflot - MasterCard . Points are charged for the purchases made by means of a card of bank the Russian standard the same as in the Savings Bank: a point for dollar or its equivalent. However unlike the Savings Bank the Russian standard charges twice less Salutatory points (namely 500) at card reception.
Rosbank in aspiration to expand client base lets out at once four kinds kobrendovyh the cards calculated on absolutely different kinds of audience. Among them Visa VSDC Norilsk nickel - for salary clients in regions, Visa UCS Loyalty - it is discount - a bonus card, Visa Beebonus - for subscribers of a network a Biline and Visa Platinum Rosbank - Possession - for the VIP - clientele. Rosbank has started last card in September, and it became the first in Russia kobrendom, realised on the basis of card Visa Platinum. A card Possession it is created together with the company De Lux the Alliance being management company cross-country - the marketing project Possession the market uniting conducting players luxury.
By tradition discount and kobrendingovye projects for well-founded public are realised by payment system Diners Club. In particular, the Moscow credit bank (MKB) together with the trading house the Crossroads offers a card Wine club ` the Crossroads ` . The card is calculated on visitors of the elite closed club of judges and fans of expensive wines, whisky, cognac and other alcoholic drinks. As have explained in the bank, this project is calculated on a top - managers, owners of own business and those, whose name and the status associates with such concepts, as ` superfineness `, ` the importance `, ` leadership `, ` professionalism ` . Specially for members of wine club MKB lets out also personal payment card Diners Club with a logo of the wine club, giving program of discounts, bonuses and special offers.
usually kobrendovye cards happen either discount, or bonus. And filling kobrenda in many respects chooses bank, proceeding from potential audience. So, according to the director of department of retail business Promsvjazbanka Valery Kardashova, marketing researches have shown that bonus encouragement operates on more provided and formed audience with the high status, and systems of discounts - on less formed part of the population with low incomes .
But meet in the market kobrendy and at all without a stuffing in the form of bonus or discount programs. In particular, bank Uralsib has informed on testing of the joint project of two payment systems - international MasterCard and Russian local Accord. Systems have agreed about start combined chipovoj cards which will appear in Moscow next year. This card can be interesting to those who often goes in business trips to Ural Mountains where system Accord is extended. Other local system - " became the pioneer in the field of release kobrendov with the international payment systems; the Gold crown Two years ago started the joint program with MasterCard. Such projects allow both systems to expand geography of reception of the cards considerably.
Kobrendovye of a card can be and charitable. So, charitable card Diners Club - WWF became the newest kobrendom Diners Club. The Russian banks have taken part In this project, in particular MKB and Russian bank of development (RBR), and also the World fund of the wild nature (WWF) and Diners Club Russia. The new card belongs to the class a premium also allows the well-founded holders to help preservation of the Amur tigers and Far East leopards. For this purpose - WWF it is enough to holders of cards Diners Club to pay off with them in shops, and 0,5 % from the paid sum automatically will be listed to WWF. Thus cost of the goods and services for the holder of a card does not change. Thus, the holder of the given charitable card, without spending additional means, does the feasible contribution to program WWF on preservation of Far East wild animals.
in general - that the first charitable kobrend in Russia Juniastrum realised last year bank, at the same time having put into circulation the term extended in the West affiniti . Affiniti - cards are usual plastic bank cards (credit or debit), the part of cost and percent from operations on which is deducted for the aid to the needing. In the West affiniti - projects are spent together with the various charitable organisations. Their support is easy for a purse of the person, but allows it to realise patriotic feelings. The project of Juniastrum of bank assumes release of a series of plastic cards the part of incomes from which will be listed as sponsor`s support to the Olympic committee of Russia. Half of this money goes to the Olympic committee of Russia at once, and from each transaction - 1 %. The card provides the priority right to acquisition of permits to winter Olympic games in Turin of 2006 and summer Olympic games of 2008 in Beijing, and also tickets for any sports actions spent under patronage of the Olympic committee of Russia.
at the same time, despite active enough advancement kobrendov in the market, bankers are not assured till now of their profitableness. it is obvious that at present the purpose of the majority of the banks realising joint projects, the exit on self-support of these projects " is; - the vice-president considers Communication - bank Arcady Komjaginsky. While kobrendingovye projects do not bring superprofit as bases of clients are not so great, the response is rather low and expenses for their support " are high; - consider in Investsberbank. While there is no saying how much in Russia are favourable kobrendingovye projects. For us it first of all a way to raise loyalty of clients - notices the vice-president of board SDM - bank Vladimir Lutsenko. And according to the head of department of bank cards and deposits of physical persons MKB of Alexey Esennikova, kobrendovye projects are favourable to bank, as allow to increase actively enough issue of cards . Kobrendy allow to raise recognition of a brand and loyalty of clients to bank that, certainly, it is reflected in economic efficiency of these projects. I think that in due course the market kobrendov will grow not only in quantity, but also in quality - the head of department of bank cards and bank products Krasbanka Andrey Alekhin considers.

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