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Austria searches for sense in Europe

Yesterday`s joint session of members of the Austrian government and 25 eurocommissioners in Vienna activity of Austria as the country - the chairman of EU in the first half of the year 2006 has begun. Austria which already acted eight years ago in this quality, intends, according to chancellor Wolfgang Shjusselja, seriously to try successfully to execute the mission.
ten priority directions on which Vienna intends to organise EU development have been presented eurocommissioners. First of all she has hastened to assure visitors from Bruxelles that is not going to pedal the accelerated solution of a problem with the euroconstitution rejected in last year by the population of France and the Netherlands, and will concentrate in this question on discussion of global problems about sense and prospects of the European integration in general. Conference in Salzburg in the end of January to which experts from all ends of continent are invited will be devoted this theme.

the Theme number two in the europriorities economically successful Austria named development of structural changes in slipping economy of EU, increase of competitiveness of each of member countries and unemployment decrease. Among the following problems facing EU in the first half of the year, - discussion of new legislative initiatives, liberalisation of services, simplification of the laws concerning the VAT (that interfered actively by Germany), and, of course, pushing through through sceptically adjusted EuroParliament of the budget of the European Union on 2007 - 2013, with such work of EU accepted at the summit in December of the past year.

as to the further expansion of EU Vienna and other capitals of Europe look at this process on - to a miscellaneous. For example, the Austrians oppose to reception of Turkey and, on the contrary, push to the introduction into EU the next Croatia, and also support let kept away, but perspective membership of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. However, about chances of last to speak while it is premature, as results of a referendum about the future status of this country look absolutely unpredictable. While on 2007 - 2008 reception in EU of Bulgaria and Romania is planned. The aspiration of Ukraine to enter EU even in oral statements of figures of the European Union is not made comments in any way.

in priorities of the Austrian presidency in the European Union it was reflected recent Russian - the Ukrainian gas dispute. Reliability of Moscow as the main supplier of power resources on the continent West is actually called into question. Perhaps, in Europe now there is no government which would not be engaged in urgent consideration of maintenance of power safety both within the limits of the country, and in European Union scales.

it is natural, disputes on prospects of nuclear power, completely otrinutoj, for example, Germany both the same Austria and become priority branch for France have renewed also. Some countries last days have proposed to consider questions on expansion of use of the atomic power station to that Vienna in every possible way opposes. However a nuclear lobby intend to concentrate the efforts to processing of deputies of EuroParliament, pushing, in particular, idea of creation of the high-temperature nuclear reactors, capable to develop the most non-polluting fuel of the future - hydrogen.

among initiatives of Vienna which she assumes to finish for half a year to at least paper stage of realisation, and such at first sight doubtful idea for many politicians about eurotax introduction so that citizens of EU member states paid in the future taxes not in national cash desks, and directly in the Bruxelles. On a plan of authors the similar method of gathering would simplify eurobudget creation in the future.

as the counterinitiative the Austrians intend to oppose in every possible way to expansion of powers of the European judicial bodies. In particular, displeasure of Vienna has caused the recent decision that it has no right to limit number of foreign entrants in the Austrian high schools.

disappointed with results of the activity within the first year after election eurocommissioners, including the chairman Jose Manuela Barroso, on progress in development of EU during yesterday`s session in Vienna have not stated high hopes. Mister Barroso at a meeting with journalists has got off with foggy promises to improve vital conditions to citizens of all member countries of the European Union, having given the initiative to chancellor Shjusselju.

, Prague