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David Tua grew thin on efedrine

In professional boxing inflames loud dopingovyj scandal. In the New Zealand court the information that the well-known heavyweight David Tua before fight in 2000 for a title of the absolute world champion against Lennoksa Lewis regularly used efedrin has been published.
the Information that David Tua who in 90 - e was one of the most popular boxers in the world and on - former is included into number of potential competitors of a champion title, accepted a dope, has appeared casually. Not so long ago Tua has dismissed manager long working with it and trainer Kevin Berri. From - for it judicial suit has begun. Among brought an action Berri of papers there was also the seven-page document which maintenance became known on Sunday. In this document it is told about how Tua prepared for the main fight of all life - for a title of the absolute world champion against great Lennoksa Lewis in 2000.

Berri has told that shortly before a match of Tua has typed huge weight - about 135 kg (at growth less than 180 sm). Naturally, in such condition on a ring leaves it could not. Moreover, could not go and speeches about high-grade trainings. Then Berri has addressed for the help to the expert - to the chemist (his name does not reveal) from Los - Andzhelesa. And that has supplied the manager efedrinom, helping quickly to dump weight, and also a technique of its use, allowing to avoid its detection at passage a dope - tests. Berri asserts that there were days when Tua accepted a dose efedrina, the standard five times exceeding, so to say! but we did not have an exit: ahead there was a fight, on a game in which, besides a champion title, there were some millions dollars - has declared Berri in interview to newspaper Sunday News.

Having learnt about existence of the document, Tua has tried to justify. According to the boxer, it it is valid on the threshold of a match with Lewis used any preparation, but thought that it is usual szhigatel fat. if I knew that it is a dope never it would touch - he has told.

in what consequences will result revelations of Berri while it is not clear. The title of world champion Tua then has not received, though, having dumped more than 10 kg, has spent excellent fight and has conceded to Lewis only on points. And on World antidopingovomu the code for the use efedrina to it in the absence of weighty softening circumstances needs two-year disqualification.