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Beating natsbolov have equated to Presidential Administration capture

In the end of last week under the decision of Izmajlovsky court of Moscow the five young men participating in an attack on members of Natsional - Bolshevist party are arrested on January, 14th, 2006. Them accuse under item 213 UK ( Hooliganism ) . Limonov supporters are happy with a judgement and declare that the attacking have ceased to feel the impunity caused by affinity to propresidential movement ` Ours ` .
the Izmajlovsky district court of Moscow has decided that four attacking - Sergey Trifonov, Pavel Britvin, Igor Safronov and Ilya Tirkija - should be detained. One more young man, Andrey Abramov, is released under a subscription about nevyezde as to it 18 years were not executed yet. Concerning all five criminal case under item 213 ch is brought. 2 ( Hooliganism as a part of group ; under the same article the Tver court of Moscow has condemned on December, 8th eight natsional - Bolsheviks for Presidential Administration capture in December, 2004, having sentenced them to terms to three and a half years of imprisonment).

we Will remind that for the last year members NBP were exposed to an attack - on January, 29th, on February, 12th, on March, 5th and on August, 29th, 2005 four times. Criminal cases on these attacks are united and are in manufacture of the main investigatory management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow. On January, 14th, 2006 at metro station Aviamotor during traditional picket on newspaper distribution the General line on natsbolov the group of young men with bludgeons and lighted fajerami again has attacked. The same day at a building 36 - j city hospitals in which natsboly have addressed for medical aid, on them the attack again has been made.

in OVD Falcon mountain the group investigating last attack on natsional - Bolsheviks has been created. Business is conducted by inspectors Julia Avramenko and Roman Kovalev. Militiamen have refused flatly to make comments on an investigation course, but a source in OVD has informed that, probably, business will be transferred in the Department of Internal Affairs of East district of Moscow because inspectors would not like to incur responsibility for such resonant business . According to the same source, some confrontations already have been spent. On them arrested persons Sergey Trifonov, Pavel Britvin, Igor Safronov and Ilya Tirkija deny participation in an attack on picket natsbolov at the underground, but recognise that at 36 - j city hospitals have stopped the car to cast it is casual have shouldered one of natsbolov therefore fight was fastened.

it should be made for a long time. Now to them have simply shown that laws one for all - lawyer Dmitry Agranovski has commented on detention attacking. natsional - Bolsheviks thus continue to accuse of an attack of members of movement Ours . The suffered Limonov supporter Nazir Magomedov who is in hospital with a brain concussion and a burn of the person of the second degree (mister Magomedov says that the attacking have stuck to him into the person fajerom), has told that the car on which the beaten young men have approached, he saw during an attack on August, 29th last year. in it people in movement T-shirts ` Ours ` " sat down; - he has told. the militia has started to work, - has declared a press - secretary NBP Alexander Averin. - attacking have got used to feel unpunished because they enjoy confidence of heads ` nashistov ` (propresidential movement ` Ours `. - ) .

we Will remind that after an attack on Limonov supporters on August, 29th has published the list of arrested persons attacking. Then the source among football fans has told that the majority of them are members of fan grouping Gladiators engaged protection of actions Ours Including processions Our victory and congress on lake Seliger. One of these people, according to a source, Sergey Trifonov - the participant of an attack at 36 - j city hospitals is. A press - the secretary Ours Ivan Mostovich nevertheless between movement and attacks on Limonov supporters categorically denies communication.