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The motorcyclist ran into a dune

On present rally - spot-check Lisbon - Dakar already though there has passed only its half, there were so much events that in other years would suffice on the whole marathon. It and sensational victories at those stages from whom for them did not wait, both failures of favourites, and repetition of one of the greatest records “ Dakar “ and, at last, the first on it rally tragedy. On Monday on the hardest 600 - kilometre spetsuchastke from Nouakchott to Kiffy in Mauritania known Australian motorcyclist Andy Keldekott has to death broken.
This stage - to the city of Kiffy, on dunes of a Mauritian part of Sahara - now all racers name damned. One year ago on it outstanding Italian motorcycle racer Fabritsio Meoni was lost. It has passed tens marathons, won “ Dakar “ also was considered as the most hardy, the most healthy among all motorcyclists. Meoni has overtaken heart attack.

it was 22 - m the participant “ Dakar “ Left life during race. 41 - summer Andy Keldekott - the racer too skilled, too won in the life is a lot of competitions - became 23 - m in the terrible list.

it should not go this " at all; Dakar “. Last year Keldekott, the charter to search for sponsors, has decided to finish and so gone right in general - that sports career. And here, it is literally on the eve of the African rally, with it heads of the strongest motor-command in spot-checks KTM have communicated. One of its racers - Hordi Djuran - was traumatised. Keldekotta have asked to replace it. The Australian has agreed. Also went so that KTM could not regret about the decision in any way. It took one stage, seriously applied if not on prize-winning, into place in the first five following the results of a marathon. If not “ damned spetsuchastok “ to Kiffy.

It is lying on sand in an unnatural pose - have found out on 250 - m kilometre. Doctors assume that, having come across a dune on huge, approximately in one and a half hundreds kilometres per hour, speeds, Keldekott has flown through a wheel and has curtailed to itself a neck. The death, most likely, has come instantly.

there was all the same that last year after  destruction of Meoni further. Tears of friends of Keldekotta, a word that struggle in “ Dakar “ has lost for their any meaning. Cancellation by organizers yesterday`s spetsuchastka for motorcyclists - as a sign of mourning for a companion and it is simple because in such condition in what there are many of motorcycle racers, it is impossible to act.

On present “ Dakar “ failures there was already a set. At the same ninth stage Spaniard Isidre Esteve Pujol taking the second place - one more star KTM has twice turned over. To it has carried more Keldekotta - has got to hospital with serious, but traumas not menacing to life.

to Pujolja, in the end of last week, the last year`s winner " has fallen; Dakar “ Siril Despre. The Frenchman has been assured that has broken a clavicle - the pain was so strong. After physical examination it became obvious that crisis is not present - only a dislocation. Doctors, however, of course, have insistently recommended Despre to go home. He has considered that in a condition to continue “ Dakar “. And some stages successively, suffering from not passing pain, kept near to leaders. And in Kiffu has arrived the first, having reduced backlog from in the lead Marko of the Coma to won back basically for the remained five days 20 with small minutes.

it turns out even more dramatic (truth, here, fortunately, does without human victims) “ Dakar “ at cars. Leaders here changed some times. First - on the European part and in Morocco - fine looked well-known “ classical “ rallist Carlos Sajns, decided to train for a new profession in marafontsy. But in the present desert - not on a firm ground, and on sand - the Spaniard and its Volkswagen had problems. Errors in navigation, “ blown up “ wheels - all these troubles cost to it of the lost minutes which have rejected as a result of Sajnsa far beyond the first three.

the applicant one Stefan Peteransel on a victory, on the contrary, started number awfully. The great racer, six times winning “ Dakar “ as the motorcyclist, and last two years - as the pilot of Mitsubishi, “ has woken up “ when all have already been assured that the victory shines to someone from its opponents - we will tell, Zhinelju de Vilersu from Volkswagen or to the partner on Japanese “ to a stable “ to Hatch Alfanu.

On the seventh spetsuchastke Peteransel drove, by its own recognition, more than ever in life. And despite a wheel puncture in spite of the fact that has got stuck in dunes, has won back almost all backlog from leaders. One more almost ideal stage - to Kiffy - has allowed it to leave on the first position, having pushed aside Alfana. This spetsuchastok became, by the way, 41 - m on “ Dakar “ won Peteranselem. And he, thus, has repeated a record of great Finn Ari Vatanena.

All goes that is called, according to plan unless in competitions of trucks. It is heavy to remember, that any crew in the history of race had so overwhelming advantage over opponents what has Vladimir Chagina`s crew from a command “ KamAZ - the master “. The victory at a stage to Kiffy was for it already the seventh in rally! Contenders at Chagina, as a matter of fact, are not present. Trying to battle with kamazovtsami during the past three seasons racers from Belgian DAF have descended at a stage of technical check: their new cars have not admitted on start from - for discrepancies to regulations of the International federation of motor racing. Tatra and MAN obviously concede to trucks from Naberezhnye Chelny in speed.

Actually to compete to Chaginym in it another is capable only kamazovets - Firdaus Kabirov which have won “ Dakar “ one year ago. Alas, on “ a damned stage “ to Kiffy the trouble has trapped also him: breakage on 340 - m kilometre of the longitudinal steering lever and three-hour expectation “ tehnichki “ have deprived of Kabirova of chances to count on a victory. However, to present that “ KamAZ - to the master “ considering, the separation of Chagina is how much great, it will not get, difficultly enough.