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The prime minister of Kuwait beats out a throne from - under the new emir

In Kuwait serious political crisis inflames. The part of members of a ruling dynasty Sabahov has tried to displace the new emir of sheikh Saada Abdallu the expert - Sabaha, referring to poor health of the new governor. On a throne they suggest to plant the prime minister of sheikh Sabaha Ahmed the expert - Sabaha. The Cabinet, certainly, has supported rebels. And here the parliament which should confirm such decision, has opposed, remained true to sheikh Saadu.
Some experts predicted problems in the Kuwaiti management still one week ago when the emir sheikh Dzhaber Ahmed the expert - Sabah has died, correcting the country more quarter of the century. According to the law, its place has occupied kronprints, 76 - summer sheikh Saad Abdalla the expert - Sabah who from the end 1990 - h spends years time most part in clinics. In turn, on a vacant place kronprintsa, in general opinion, should appoint the prime minister of Kuwait of sheikh Sabaha Ahmed the expert - Sabaha. As last years from - for illnesses of the emir and kronprintsa it and so actually individually supervised over the country.

however time went, and about increase of the status of sheikh Sabaha was not audible. Thus and the new emir could not be considered as the governor of Kuwait as in connection with an aggravation of illness and has not taken the oath before members of parliament. Eventually, past Friday at the prime minister and its supporters, apparently, have handed over nerves. Big enough group of members of a ruling dynasty has addressed to the prime minister with the request to take over control emiratom on itself. Sheikh Sabah has willingly agreed. This very day on national television already showed shots from residence of sheikh Sabaha where the prime minister accepted congratulations of numerous relatives.

on Saturday the government of Kuwait has addressed to parliament with the request to remove imperious powers from sheikh Saada and to transfer their operating the prime minister - to the minister. Expressing a deep regret in connection with a state of health of its highness of sheikh Saada Abdally the expert - Sabaha, the government has made the decision on the beginning of the constitutional procedures, according to article 3 of the law about delegation of power from 1963 - has decided an office. Under the law, if the emir physically not in a condition to carry out the duties the government after physical examination carrying out can address to parliament with the request to remove from it functions of the head of the state and to appoint the new emir. This time the office did not begin to wait survey, and at once has directed inquiry to parliament.

It seemed that the party of the prime minister has gained bloodless victory. But this very day the new emir storing before silence, has gone over to the offensive. Sheikh Saad has declared that does not intend to concede the power and is ready to take the oath before parliament. The emir who moves recently exclusively in an invalid carriage, has demanded to call a parliament extraordinary session on Sunday and has promised to read before deputies an oath of the head of the state. In its support some influential members of a ruling family have acted also. And yesterday the parliament behind which there was a solving word, has made the choice, having supported sheikh Saada. However, contrary to the request of the emir, deputies did not begin to spend ceremony of bringing of the oath on Sunday. As the speaker of parliament Dzhasem al - Horafi, " has declared; we had not enough time to prepare such important action . The mister al - Horafi has expressed desire personally to meet the emir and to instruct it about forthcoming ceremony.

however to say that crisis passed, while early. At sheikh Sabaha it is a lot of friends both in Kuwait, and behind its limits. In his hands important levers of political and economic influence are concentrated. And the main thing - it, unlike the the coeval of emir Saada, does not complain of health. In this old age it, perhaps, decided advantage.