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People from the presidential list will exhaust

the Commission on questions globalizma and national strategy and development - Andranik Migranjan, the chairman of scientific council of Institute of the CIS countries.
the commission concerning a nation mental potential - Yaroslav Kuzminov, the rector of the State university - the economy Higher school.

the commission concerning competitiveness, economic development and business - Alexander Shokhin, president RSPP.

the Commission concerning development of charity, mercy and volonterstva - Vladimir Potanin, the president of the company Interros a member of bureau of board RSPP.

the Commission concerning culture development - Alexander Kalyagin, the chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation.

the Commission concerning preservation of a cultural and spiritual heritage - Herman Kapalin (Kliment), the metropolitan Kaluga and Bohr, the chairman of department of external church communications of the Moscow patriarchy.

the commission concerning the international cooperation and public diplomacy - Vyacheslav Nikonov, the president of fund the Policy .

the Commission concerning regional development and local government - Vyacheslav Glazychev, the professor of chair of the theory and history of architecture of the Moscow architectural institute.

the commission concerning public health services - Leonid Roshal, the chief of department of urgent surgery and a trauma of children`s age of scientific research institute of pediatrics of Centre of science of health of children of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

the commission on communications, the information policy and a freedom of speech in mass-media - Pavel Gusev, the president of the Union of journalists of Moscow, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper the Moscow member of the Komsomol .

the Commission on social problems - Alexander Ochirova, the president of the public charitable organisation the International female centre ` the Future of the woman ` .

the Commission on control over activity of law enforcement bodies - Anatoly Kucherena, the lawyer, the chairman of main board of the all-Russian social movement the Civil society .

the Commission on formation of a healthy way of life - Leo Bokerija, the director of Centre of science warmly - vascular surgery of the Russian Academy of Sciences of a name of Bakuleva.

the Commission on development of a civil society and participation of the public in realisation of national projects - Maria Slobodsky, the president of Institute of problems of a civil society.

the commission concerning tolerance and a freedom of worship - Valery Tishkov, the director of Institute of ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences of a name of Mikluho - Maklay.

the Commission on ecological safety and preservation of the environment - Vladimir Zaharov, the head of the Center of an ecological policy of Russia.

the commission on ethics, the regulations and perfection of activity and the legislation of Public chamber - Vladimir Fedosov, the chairman of the international public organisation world and consent Federation .