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VTB left on the first step of sale “ the Perm motors “

Vneshtorgbank (VTB) has brought on balance of Joint-Stock Company “ Sales “ in which frameworks bank shares in the enterprises of the Perm engine-building complex, the first really liquid active - 8,89 % of actions of Open Society " are united; the Proton - PM “. The delay in package transfer has been caused by the conflict round Open Society actions between the former owner of papers group “ Guta “ and other principal shareholder “ the Proton - PM “ - FGUP “ GKNPTS a name of Hrunicheva “. According to branch experts, VTB could agree with GKNPTS about a joint management of the enterprise. However FGUP hardly it is necessary to co-operate long with bank - most likely, with a transfer of stock “ the Proton - PM “ “ Salesu “ VTB speeds up work on sale of the actives in Perm. As it became known „“ from minority shareholders of Open Society “ the Proton - PM “ One of these days the information on transition of 8,89 % of shares of company on balance of Joint-Stock Company " has been opened; Sales “ (on 100 % belongs to Joint-Stock Company “ VTB - Retail services “) which owns actions of the enterprises of holding under control to bank “ the Perm motors “. It is a part of actions “ the Proton - PM “ before belonging NP “ Group “Γσςΰ“ “ (it supervised 8,89 % of actions of Open Society through Open Company “ the Proton - Invest “ and 16,73 % - through the nominal holder of Open Company “ Guta - Invest “) . The information on movement of other actives “ Guty “ does not reveal, however sources „“ are assured, as the second package has already passed to “ VTB - Retail services “.
Open Society “ the Proton - PM “ lets out engines of the first step to raketonositelju “ the Proton “. Company Sales volume for the third quarter 2005 - 1,443 mlrd rbl., net profit - 129 million rbl. the Basic shareholders of Open Society: FGUP “ GKNPTS a name of Hrunicheva “ (59,19 %), NP “ Group “Γσςΰ“ “ - more than 25 %, RER Holding Company - 11,99 % (a package operates Pratt and Whitney, P &W). Other actions are sprayed among physical persons.
we will notice that, by data „“, VTB became the proprietor of 8,89 % of actions “ the Proton - PM “ even in the summer of last year when got all actives of group “ Guty “ in the Perm engine-building complex. However officially about it did not appear and Open Society board of directors on - former included representatives “ Guty “. According to branch experts, VTB did not advertise change of the proprietor of papers from - for prolonged dispute round 34 % of actions of factory between GKNPTS and “ Gutoj “. Since autumn of 2004 this package is in property FGUPa, however within all 2005 “ Guta “ in capital arbitration courts actively tried to translate papers on the balance.
officially in VTB do not make comments on the information on change of the holder of actions. Nevertheless to extraordinary meeting of shareholders “ the Proton - PM “ planned for February, 8th (it is spent at the initiative of GKNPTS), “ Guta “ has not put forward any representative. But among candidates are present two top - manager VTB - the chief of the first management on work with big clients Oleg Demidov and the head of department of not financial actives Evgenie Travnikov (since autumn of 2004 council included one representative of bank who were put forward “ Gutoj “). The former general director “ the Perm motors “ Victor Kobelev believes that official arrival VTB to the capital “ the Proton - PM “ became a consequence of achievement by bank of arrangements with GKNPTS about a joint management of the enterprise.
the source „“ in VTB has confirmed that papers and belonged earlier to bank structures, but now they are translated on “ Sales “ - first of all within the limits of preselling preparation, which it has been declared even in the autumn (see„ “From November, 2nd, 2005). We will remind that then in intermediate consolidated financial reporting VTB it was said that its management plans to sell within 12 months 100 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company “ Sales “ which “ unites some manufacturers of engines for flying machines “. According to calculations of auditors, “ preliminary fair cost of the consolidated actives and obligations ‘ Sales ’ on the end of July has made $334 million and $201 million accordingly “. However branch experts have doubted that VTB it will be possible to realise favourably “ Sales “ as the long list of its actives did not include two most interesting enterprises of the Perm complex - “ the Proton - PM “ and KB “ the Aircraft engine “. Having translated papers “ the Proton - PM “ on balance “ Salesa “ the bank has essentially increased its appeal to potential buyers. And sources „“, close to shareholders “ the Aircraft engine “ assert that in the near future VTB can become the co-owner and this enterprise.
Vyacheslav SUKHANOV, Perm