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State corporation TVEL have accused of understating of the prices for uranium

Open Society Management the Priargunsky industrial is mountain - chemical association (PPGHO; the Chita region) has accused state corporation TVEL of essential understating of procurement prices of uranium made by the enterprise. It, consider in PPGHO, does the basic manufacture at industrial complex unprofitable. According to its director for Yury Galinova`s manufacture, management TVEL has not allowed to increase last year cost of uranium of 1 kg from $32 to $55. Enterprise requirements the governor of the Chita region has supported Ravil Geniatulin. The director for manufacture PPGHO Yury Galinov at branch meeting in administration of the Chita region, taken place past Wednesday, has declared that the enterprise has no net profit from the basic commodity output - uranium, and lives at the expense of sale on Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market of the electric power from own thermal power station and coal realisation. Thus, according to the manager, last year the industrial complex has increased extraction of ore to 1,716 million t that on 3,2 % in comparison with 2004 it is more, and realised 3,2 thousand t uranium (on production representative PPGHO has not sounded a gain).
Open Society the Priargunsky industrial is mountain - chemical association (city of Krasnokamensk) develops the Streltsovsky deposit largest in the country on which in the Russian Federation 28,4 % of the reconnoitered and 94 % of balance stocks of uranium (about 50 thousand are necessary). Gain PPGHO in 2004 has made about $140 million, the net profit - $2 million 75 % of actions of Open Society belongs to corporation TVEL (100 % in the state property) which unites 15 enterprises specialising on extraction of uranium, manufacturing of nuclear fuel for the Russian and foreign atomic power stations, research reactors and transport installations of marine sea fleet of Russia. Open Society gain TVEL in 2004 has made more than $1 billion
According to mister Galinova, enterprise position can improve if to raise the prices for uranium production. As the manager, on request of a corporation management " has declared; the price for transbaikalian uranium makes $32 dollars for 1 kg while on potovom the market its cost reaches for today $92 . We repeatedly asked to resolve sale at least on $55, but have achieved nothing, - Yury Galinov has complained. - At corporation many other interests, and at us - losses! he has underlined that only for 2005 the cost price of basic commodity output PPGHO has increased by 17,4 % in connection with growth of tariffs for all energy carriers on 45 %.
Besides it the enterprise needs serious reconstruction - means for building new sernokislotnogo factory, end of re-equipment of thermal power station, demothballing of mines 6 and 8, repair of concentrating factory are necessary. And only budget cost of works on mines makes not less than 6 mlrd rbl.
the Governor of the Chita region Ravil Geniatulin has risen on party PPGHO, having declared that to it not clearly, why TVEL, the corporation with 100 - percentage state participation, dares to form the classical transfer price? he has promised to discuss this problem with the head of Federal agency on atomic energy Sergey Kirienko who in February should arrive to the Chita region.
yesterday in TVEL have declared that procurement prices of uranium production are regulated by federal enforcement authorities. In corporation have noticed that, realising a development government program uranodobyvajushchego a country complex, TVEL in 1999-2003 got uranium production at PPGHO at the prices above world carrying out only thing support for that period in the country uranodobyvajushchego the enterprises and region infrastructures as a whole . In a press - corporation service have underlined that during this period price policy TVEL did not cause criticism from administration of the Chita region .
In state corporation also have noticed that for last two years (TVEL has bought controlling interest PPGHO in July, 2003) invested in the transbaikalian enterprise of 625 million rbl., from them the most part, more than 460 million rbl., in 2005. But this data, has underlined in TVEL, unfortunately, have not been sounded at meeting . Means have been spent for those objects about which representative PPGHO spoke at meeting at the Chita governor: thermal power station technical reequipment, working out of the FEASIBILITY REPORT of mine 6 and building new sernokislotnogo factory. This year the state corporation intends to enclose in the Chita active about 600 million rbl., having increased in comparison with last year volume of investments by 22 %.
At the same time in corporation have refused to inform, how TVEL intend to settle a conflict situation at the enterprise belonging to it.
Sergey BERG, Irkutsk; CLARA HOMENKO, Chita