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Party life Eks - the United Russia party member has pulled sheets on ostroevchera the deputy of the State Duma from the Amur region Boris Vinogradov has commented „“ on the decision on occurrence in party fraction “ the Native land “. Nine months ago g - n Vinogradov has left fraction “ an United Russia “ having explained the act disagreement with a policy of the party concerning interbudgetary relations and a monetization of social benefits. “ Dangling out of fraction, I would defend interests of voters, but together it to do better, - Boris Vinogradov has explained. - to Present, that I have gone to LDPR, I can not, in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation many reasonable people, but it not sharp opposition. There is “Native land“ “. The head of the Amur regional branch (ARO) “ the Native land “ Elizabeth Kandaurova has informed that the question on interaction - amurchaninom will be discussed with the deputy, most likely, on January, 28th in Moscow on party political council. In ARO consider that closer contact to Boris Vinogradovym could be promoted by its introduction not only into fraction, but also into party. The former colleagues on fraction “ an United Russia “ were surprised to the decision of the Amur deputy. “ I think that at the heart of such decision tactical reasons lie - participation in the list is less problematic, than passage to the Duma to independent candidates, - the secretary of political council ARO " has declared; an United Russia “ the deputy of the State Duma Konstantin Shipunov. - the Person searches, where it is better so condemn for it I him I can not “.
PAVEL KOSHELENKO, Blagoveshchensk

Visit Plenipotentiary Iskhakov left to border KNDRVchera the plenipotentiary of the president in DVFO Kamil Iskhakov within the limits of the visit to Primorski Krai has visited Hasansky area and has familiarised with a course beregoukrepitelnyh works on the river Foggy (Tumangan), dividing Russia and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. The Russian sandy coast Foggy are actively washed away by a current and high waters therefore there is a threat of displacement of the frontier which is passing on a waterway of the river, towards territory of the Russian Federation. Since 2000 actions for stabilisation of a channel Foggy are conducted. Last year for performance beregoukrepitelnyh works it is allocated by 150 million rbl., therefore otsypano 156196 cubic m of a ground on the Russian site of border in the extent of 4,787 km. During visiting of the plenipotentiary on border dredges, dump-body trucks and bulldozers worked. Having made flight of area of the river Foggy by the helicopter, g - n Iskhakov has drawn a conclusion: “ the Russian earth will be protected. For this purpose all do regional and the federal authorities “.
Alexey TCHERNYSHEV, Vladivostok

Resignation Yury Volkov has left a post vitse - mayor IrkutskaVchera vitse - the mayor of Irkutsk Yury Volkov has declared addition of the powers. He has explained this step desire to replace a field of activity, has informed a press - service goradministratsii. Before leaving g - n Wolves has considered it necessary to notice that disagreements with mayor Vladimir Yakubovsky at it are not present: “ I have made the decision to elections of the mayor in the autumn of 2005 “. As he said, he could not resign then, as “ has been obliged to pass with it elections and to win “. Yury Volkov considers that now “ the situation in a city was stabilised, Irkutsk dynamically develops “ and consequently it can leave. In turn the mayor, making comments on resignation of the assistant, has informed that Yury Volkov is appointed by its non-staff adviser concerning town-planning. Sources „“, close to the mayoralty, have informed that eks - vitse - the mayor can organise own business, and it will not be connected with the large building company “ Sibaviastroj “ Over which g - n Wolves supervised before arrival in goradministratsiju on a post vitse - the mayor (the beginning of 1998). Last years the general director of this company is his son Anton Volkov. The name of the candidate on a post vitse - the mayor while is not known.
Sergey BERG, Irkutsk

the Fuel market In the Irkutsk region wholesale prices on GSMTorgovyj the house " have grown; YUKOS - M “ has increased wholesale prices for all marks of gasoline, except AI - 98, and also on summer and winter diztoplivo. The price of gasoline of mark AI - 95 has increased by 3,9 % - to 18,5 thousand rbl. for ton, AI - 92 - on 4,5 % (to 16,2 thousand rbl.), AI - 80 - on 2,8 % (to 14,25 thousand rbl.) . The price of one ton AI - 98 remained invariable - 20,2 thousand rbl. Summer diztoplivo has risen in price to 18,2 thousand rbl. for ton (growth - 1,6 %), winter - to 14,5 thousand rbl. (3,5 %). In the company have explained a rise in prices increase of demand for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS after holidays that leads to reduction of stocks at the oil companies. In “ YUKOS - M “ have informed that last two months 2005 wholesale prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS repeatedly decreased, and have noticed that deficiency of fuel in region now is not present.
Sergey BERG, Irkutsk

the Bird flu “ SKA - Energy “ have planted on abrupt jajtsav Antalia (Turkey) where spends early gathering the Khabarovsk football club “ SKA - Energy “ in connection with epidemic of a bird flu chicken meat is excluded from a diet of football players. The second coach of the team Igor Protasov has informed on it. As he said, to players have distributed “ special instructions “ In which it is specified what to catch this illness it is possible at direct contact to a bird, and from the person to the person the virus is not transferred. In the menu of restaurant of five-stars hotel Miracle where the command has taken place, chicken meat is not present. “ But welded vkrutuju eggs - please “ - the trainer has added. According to the general director “ SKA - Energy “ Sergey Feldman, the club looks for just in case a place for carrying out of February gathering (with 7 - go on 21 - e February) as Turkey can be closed for visiting from - for a bird flu. As possible variants Slovakia, Czechia, Poland are considered.

Epizootija have put to the Chita cows unfavourable diagnozskot in village Average Borzja of Kalgansky area of the Chita region is sick jashchurom. Past Thursday this diagnosis was confirmed with experts scientifically - research institute of protection of animals of a city of Vladimir. According to GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across the Chita region, today experts of scientific research institute should arrive to region that on a place to find out causes of illness and to recommend either repeated vaccination, or destruction of animals. Yesterday in village Average Borzja 306 goals of sick cattle, including 291 cow and 15 pigs were. Since January, 15th in village in connection with cattle disease it is declared CHS.

Business about kidnapping to Participants of process is not possible to meet in sudev Thursday in court of the Central area of Khabarovsk the next session on process on the case of abduction of businessman Vladislav Babija who was gone on October, 21st, 2004 has broken. Businessman Alexander Birjukov and employee OBEP are accused of abduction the Department of Internal Affairs of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Panov. Since June of last year the court has had time to hear only the civil spouse recognised as the victim g - on Babija Galina Mozhaev and now cannot pass to interrogation of witnesses in any way. The majority of the previous sessions came to an end with a call “ first aid “ suffering gipoglikemiej (the lowered maintenance of sugar to blood) g - well to Birjukovu or were transferred because of absence someone from participants. On yesterday`s lawyers of defendants who have detained in regional court on cassation consideration on a preventive punishment (the complaint were not is rejected and returned them on completion). There was no state accuser and the witnesses who for nothing have waited at the previous sessions. Judge Igor Akimov presiding over process who is in holiday has come only, but time tries to make up for lost time in process. He has accused the protection party of an inhaling of trial: “ session Time was offered lawyers “.

Special action In Magadan 25 tons of a salmon Large party brakonerskoj fishes are withdrawn is withdrawn in Magadan. As have given in department of the information of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on DFO, during the joint spot-check spent in territory of one of bases in suburb of the regional centre, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Magadan area and Rosselhoznadzora have been looked through by employees OBEP two cars KamAz - 5320, gruzhennyh salmon. In one car it has appeared 11,5 t, in other 14,3 t fishes. At drivers any accompanying documents on cargo were absent. Now fish is withdrawn and handed over on responsible storage before acceptance on it of the decision. The origin of bioresources is now established.