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To everyone have distributed on merits

In GMII to Pushkin`s name award delivery " has taken place; Triumph . Traditional solemn evening has turned back this year in not less solemn morning - ceremony have transferred on first half of day. To a museum has gone the MAYA - STRAVINSKY.
the Annual independent award in the field of the literature and art Triumph has been founded in 1992. The author and the art co-ordinator of the project - the writer Zoe Boguslavsky. The constant jury of the award includes known art workers. Since 2000 it is handed over Youth Triumph twenty winners are put forward without discussion by each judge. The bonus fund since 1996 makes $300 thousand (five awards for the main winners in $50 thousand and twenty youth awards on $2,5 thousand) .

Names of triumphers became known in December, therefore for unexpectedness from ceremony did not wait. Five winners the adult triumph - director Mark Zaharov, the pianist and conductor Michael Pletnev, film director Peter Todorovsky, artist Oleg Tselkov and poet Oleg Chuhontsev - are known as well, as well as winners of last years. In the list already more than 70 surnames, and, it is necessary to give due jury, the choice always looks indisputable. However, this indisputability has also an underside - Triumph does not come unexpectedly, as well as it would be necessary to the present triumph, and heroes crown laurels for the battles won sometimes already many years ago.

therefore the leader of ceremony Vladimir Spivakov together with the co-ordinator of jury writer Zoe Boguslavsky have begun by tradition with Youth Triumph . Zoe Boguslavsky has warned that Youth Triumph this year in the big degree the philological. But among Unanimously writers (prose writers Maria Boteva and Pavel Sanaev, the poet Maryanna Gejde and playwright Alexander Demahin) on number obviously conceded the chosen winners. The majority of the young represented theatre, dance and music: actors Pavel Derevjanko, Sergey Karjakin, Vladimir Pankov, Evgenie Pisarev, Edward Chekmazov, Yury Chursin and Evgenie Krjukova`s actress, saxophonist Anna Koroleva, pianist Asya Korepanov, drummer Rostislav Sharaevsky, dancer Michael Martynjuk and ballerina Anna Okunev, having accepted an award and flowers from Vladimir Spivakov`s hands, numbers took seats on chairs of a low scene. They held flowers in a lap, forming something like a flower bed. On youth with pleasure as teachers` meeting on final, the judges sitting on a scene at the left looked. Violoncellist Tatyana Vasileva and oboist Alexey Ogrinchuk the unique could not arrive on delivery, but as Zoe Boguslavsky has assured gathered, for a good reason . It was the important remark, because on Triumph hate shirkers.

against the decked youth the exit of adult triumphers has surprisingly repeated an iconography of a meeting of pioneers with leaders of cultural manufacture. With only one important difference - the main things awarded short and clearly thanked for the honour done its, and judges representing them explained the made choice which, in effect, and this year, as well as in the past, did not need special explanations much more in a flowery style.

when under a melody from the Ordinary miracle on a scene Mark Zaharov has risen, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has begun from apart: There are different directors: one put the classical play how it is pleasant to them, deform the text. Others validly concern the author. I the person conservative, and the last to me am closer. Mark Zaharov, on - to mine, concerns the last. I very much love it for the relation to Schwarz, in general for its relation to theatre .

the Formulation for the relation to Schwarz sounded where more nicely official for long-term work and the contribution to art . to Triumph this tradition of personal open representation, sometimes awkward, but always emotional, connected by what not officials choose worthy is peculiar, and artists award artists. Ballet master Vladimir Vasilev has presented Michael Pletnev. Director Sergey Bodrov has congratulated the colleague, director Peter Todorovsky. Actress Alla Demidov has not regretted words for artist Oleg Tselkova. When I have invented these physiognomies, I have understood that have pulled together a mask from all mankind - it jubiljara, by the way has quoted the theatrical artist by training, the pupil of the well-known Leningrad director and set designer Nikolay Akimova. Poet Oleg Chuhontseva was congratulated at once by two judges. Specially to the award Andrey Voznesensky has written a poem in which there was a place and to early hour of carrying out of ceremony, and intellectual kitchens which left, according to the author, the winner. Writer Andrey Bitov should be kept and comment on rewarding of the colleague. celebratory morning leader Vladimir Spivakov has finished the citation from winner Chuhontseva: Our award is ` blissful poor caress ` . And having kept silent, has added: And now I invite all to drink champagne .