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The Russian budget will pay pollution of the Cupid

the Means spent by Khabarovsk territory on pollution abatement of the Cupid, will be compensated by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. On it yesterday has informed on a press - conferences head krajadministratsii Victor Ishayev. According to the governor, the first a package of expenses has made 135 million rbl. Corresponding calculations have been transferred Minister of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu during a trip of mister Ishayev to Moscow. As the Khabarovsk governor Victor Ishayev on a press - the conference devoted to results of its trip to Moscow has informed yesterday, the means spent by edge on struggle against a benzene stain, will compensate the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. As he said, the arrangement under indemnification the first package of expenses has been reached during a meeting with Minister of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu. There the sum of an order of 135 million rbl. the Minister has made the order, we have sent all necessary documents - mister Ishayev has informed.
and here China will not pay indemnification to the Russian side as in this respect it is not signed corresponding interstate agreements. The governor has noticed that in the Peoples Republic of China difficult ecological conditions. As he said, about 700 million Chineses use chemically polluted water simple contact with which is unsafe .
we Will remind that as a result of the failure which have occurred on November, 13th, 2005 at petrochemical factory Jilin Petroleum and Chemical Company in the city of Girin (a province Jilin), poisonous substances have got to Sungari. Only in the end of November the Chinese authorities officially recognised that as a result of explosions at the enterprise in the river Sungari which is the right inflow of the Cupid, toxic substances, basically benzene and nitrobenzene (nearby 100) have got. Initially authorities of edge said that from - for hits of poisonous substances in the Cupid switching-off of a city water fence are possible. However it managed to be avoided thanks to the erected dam near settlement Kazakevichevo near Khabarovsk that the benzene stain to the left coast has allowed to turn on. The constructed dam on Pemzensky a channel has not admitted jadohimikaty to the regional centre. Besides, in passage of a stain water on a water fence was cleared by coal filters. The governor has informed that the budgetary funds spent for struggle against chemicals, will be counted up, and this data also will direct to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the subsequent indemnification.
meanwhile past Wednesday in MPR Russia has passed negotiations in Moscow with delegation of the Peoples Republic of China, the pollution of the Cupid devoted to a question. During a meeting the Chinese party has informed the Russian colleagues that according to results of analyses of tests of water now on all alignments of Sungari quality of water corresponds to level of norms of safety.
According to the Chinese experts, on a site from a place of accident to a mouth of Sungari in the ices which total amount is estimated in 200 million in cubic m, the quantity of the frozen nitrobenzene makes 63 kg. Thus concentration of nitrobenzene around a province Jilin above, than in lower reaches of Sungari. According to experts of the Peoples Republic of China, spring high waters will not lead to excess of concentration of chemical substances in the river.