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VSGK will come into Buryatiya from the south

In the Uhlan - at meeting concerning gasification of Buryatiya the president of republic Leonid Potapov has declared Ude that is personally ready to promote Open Society negotiations East - the Siberian gas company (VSGK) with the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation about a gas pipeline lining to Buryatiya through territory of Tunkinsky national park. Ecologists believe that the project of the gas company can put to park an essential damage . On Thursday the meeting of representatives of the republican government and Open Society " has taken place; East - the Siberian gas company concerning gas supply of Buryatiya on the basis of Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits (Zhigalovsky area, the Irkutsk region). The government has approved offered by the company southern the gas pipeline civil-engineering design - on territory of Tunkinsky national park. In the companies believe that opening in southern municipalities of Buryatiya of public receptions VSGK on gas pipeline building becomes following step to project realisation.
VSGK it is created in March, 2004 for realisation of the project of gasification of the Irkutsk region on the basis of Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits. On 50 % of shares of company belongs to administration of the Irkutsk region and the multinational corporation - VR. In the spring of 2006 VSGK will begin building of a regional gas pipeline in the Irkutsk region. The first deliveries of gas from the Kovyktinsky deposit on the market of the Irkutsk region, under plans VSGK, will begin in the beginning of 2007 for the item of Zhigalovo. By 2010 the annual volume of consumption of gas should make 2,5 mlrd cubic m.
According to management VSGK, the optimal variant of building of a gas pipeline in republic Buryatiya would be a southern variant . At realisation of a southern variant cost of building of a gas pipeline in republic Buryatiya will make nearby 24 mlrd rbl., a time of recovery of outlay - 10 years - the chief engineer of the project Feodor Selikov has noted.
As he said, northern variant will cost about $2 mlrd, and a project time of recovery of outlay - more than thirty years . do not live " So much; - mister Selikov has added. Southern areas of Buryatiya are more densely populated and characterised by high level of industrial development in comparison with northern territories. At a gas pipeline lining on northern coast of Baikal the pipe will pass on sparsely populated areas, including 600 - a kilometre site of a line of full impassability. Thus in the north much more seismically active sites located in remote districts.
However at gas pipeline building on the south of Baikal it will pass or on coast of Baikal (which enters into the list of objects of the world heritage of UNESCO), or on territory of Tunkinsky national park where building of industrial targets is forbidden by the law. Representatives VSGK have asked the president of Buryatiya to direct the reference to the government of the Russian Federation with the offer to begin zoning of territory of national park.
the first deputy of the minister of natural resources of republic Buryatiya Bair Angaev has reminded that according to signed in November of last year in Moscow to the report of meeting of the president - the chairman of the government of republic Buryatiya with the minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev differentiation of the earths of national park on categories " will be spent; the earths of settlements the earths of the industry, power, transport and communication and the earths of especially protected natural territory . It is supposed that the gas pipeline can pass on territory of the industrial earths. Leonid Potapov has supported company intentions about gasification of republic Buryatiya and has informed that the similar reference will be prepared. I am ready to go itself in MPR! - the president has declared.
in turn independent ecologists are assured that the pipeline lining on national park territory will make considerable impact on ecology of the Tunkinsky valley. The head of public organisation the Buryat regional association across Baikal Sergey Shaphaev has declared that the pipe will be dangerous both for Baikal, and for national park even at zoning carrying out.
Alexander TERENTYEV, Irkutsk