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Maxim Sushinsky has changed Dmitry Zatonsky

past Sunday a national team the West with the account 6:4 has won a national team the East in frameworks the Match of all stars the Russian hockey which passed in Mytischi situated near Moscow. The destiny of a meeting has been solved in the first period which has come to the end with the account 3:1 in advantage the West - on Alexander Haritonova, Alexander Semin`s goals (in both cases partners were assisted by Maxim Sushinsky) and Andrey Potajchuka representatives the East have answered only naked Alexey Morozova. After in the second period of a command have exchanged goals, an exact throw of the veteran Avant-guard Dmitry Zatonsky has allowed to the East to reduce rupture to a minimum (4:3), however Alexander Semin and Maxim Sushinsky again have restored a difference in two washers. Total result of a match for five minutes up to the end vstrechiustanovil the captain Avant-guard Dmitry Rjabykin recognised as the best player as a part of a national team the East . Already today 11 participants the Match of all stars will meet in Omsk, where on ice SKK of a name of Victor Blinova Avant-guard accepts Moscow the Dynamo .
Anton Medvedev