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Restaurant news with Nadezhdoj Suhovoj
the Day menu in the Truffle
At restaurant the Truffle there was a day menu which operates at week-days since midday to five o`clock in the evening. In section of salads appear vegetable salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet pepper (90 rbl.), salad Nitstsarda from a green string bean, a potato, tomatoes and a tuna (150 rbl.), salad leaves with a turkey and mayonnaise (100 rbl.) or with field mushrooms (90 rbl.). Also on snack it is possible to order fritters with mushrooms (130 rbl.) or ratatuj from eggplants, tsukkini, tomatoes, sweet pepper and an onions (80 rbl.). On the first are offered a cream - soup from an asparagus (100 rbl.), mushroom soup with cream (90 rbl.) and garlick soup with a turkey (120 rbl.). Among pastes - rigatoni from a broccoli and tsukkini (160 rbl.), a spaghetti with tomatoes and a basil (150 rbl.), a spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and hot pepper (100 rbl.) penne with sauce from a chicken liver (130 rbl.) and a mushroom lasagna (110 rbl.). For fans of a pizza in the lunch menu are available Ortolana with grilled vegetables (160 rbl.), Karnivora with karpachcho from beef, with garlic and karri (160 rbl.) and Norway with cream and a smoked salmon (140 rbl.).
On mjasoedy beef fillets " can hotter try; On - milanski with a potato and rosemary (190 rbl.), a ragout from mutton with stewed vegetables (370 rbl.), a shish kebab from a hen and the veal liver under sauce from gorchitsy, garnished by rice and peas (240 rbl.), or pork korejku Boskaela with a green string bean (260 rbl.). That who prefers fish, are addressed a stake from a salmon with white wine and a broccoli (260 rbl.) both a trout with almonds and rice (190 rbl.) . To dishes of the day menu in the Truffle recommend a truffle from Akvalani at the price of 50 rbl. for one gramme.
to finish a business dinner it is possible pannakotoj with a cherry (60 rbl.) or fritters with a chocolate cream (60 rbl.). Still mineral water - a compliment from an institution.

the bar open air in Shore House
In Shore House on the river has opened a skating rink (it works daily since midday till midnight, hire of the fads - 200 rbl./ ch, snowmobiles - 2500 - 4000 rbl./), and together with it and an open bar on ice. In a bar open air it is possible to have a bite hot pancakes with the condensed milk, sour cream and with all firm varenjami, five-minutes, marmeladami and honey Novikoff (60 rbl.) and House pies (250 rbl. - the price for the big piece, is 1/ 8 huge pies). It is recommended to be warmed by mulled wine (more ten variants, 100 - 520 rbl.), black or green tea (130 rbl.), coffee or hot chocolate (on 140 rbl.) . That who was chilled more strongly, offer cognac (650 - 1590 rbl.), to an elder (350 rbl.), rum (310 rbl.), vodka (210 - 480 rbl.), whisky (330 - 400 rbl.) and firm tinctures Novikoff - cowberry, crimson, cherry, kalinovuju, pepper, mozhzhevelovuju, imbirnuju and others (on 240 rbl.) .

Fragrant oils in JAre
At restaurant JAr passes festival Fragrant oils which will last till February, 5th. It is offered to visitors to the menu, consisting of five sections - Fragrant oils Fish and seafood Meat the Bird and game Garnishes and sauces . The visitor can independently make a dish, choosing components from each section. Oils the head cook JAra Maxim Tarusin does with own hand, drawing olive oil on different products and spices - a pine nut, rosemary, garlic, a thyme, a lemon, lajme, morels, ceps, a lobster, an orange, ginger, green tea and a peanut.
fans of fish and seafood can order sibas (700 rbl.), dorado (700 rbl.), a sterlet (1200 rbl.), sturgeon (700 rbl.), shrimps (700 rbl.), sea language (900 rbl.) Or Japanese solnechnika (1000 rbl.) - the portion makes the Kamchatka crab (1000 rbl.) approximately 160 gr. For those who prefers meat, in the menu are available Rib - ah (1000 rbl.), jagnjatina (1000 rbl.), pork (700 rbl.), veal (1100 rbl.), kosulja (1100 rbl.) and meat of a wild boar (1100 rbl.) - weight of a dish 180 - 200 gr. In section the Bird and game appear a female quail (1 piece - 400 rbl.), a hen (400 rbl.) and a duck (750 rbl.). To garnish the chosen product it is possible an asparagus, eggplants, fresh pepper, a broccoli, onions, tsukkini, risotto, a potato, fresh salad leaves, field mushrooms and tomatoes (100 rbl.) . Among sauces - creamy, Madera berry, mushroom and peppery. Waiters JAra help visitors at order formation - for example, to shrimps recommend an asparagus, rice and peppery sauce, to meat - vegetables and mushroom sauce, to fish - a potato and creamy sauce, to game - berry sauce.