Rus News Journal

Rural abundance

the Principle of a choice of clothes and footwear for boutiques Luxury Village in Barvikha is clear. rural the assortment differs from assortment of the boutiques of Tretjakovsky journey with the same name - the rate in Luxury Village is made on the true shepherd, on casual. Other history - to enter in rural space unshakable brilliants and expensive watch which traditionally and are on sale for a long time in Moscow Mercury.
Business, certainly, not in the price: inhabitants of Rublevki do not see a special difference between purchase casual - fur coats Prada or models Marina from Breguet. Yes, Breguet will be more expensive, but nevertheless it is necessary to understand are hours, difficult mechanisms, gold, history. However the jeweller and hour brands grouped in rural Mercury, make small revolution in consciousness. Matter is not in assortment, after all model Marina even for Rublevki you will not simplify. Brilliants and hours with complications to many inhabitants should be bought almost that in an open country - among snowdrifts, fur-trees, find fault - tekovskih log huts and almost polar drifting snow. Thus, in jewelry store Mercury in Barvikha other rituals and habits arise, step on the stage other suits and there are other scenery for purchase.
here an example. As now winter and even on Rublevke there are severe frosts many buyers come in Mercury behind brilliants dressed on - house - in good valenoks, in dublenkah, and sometimes and in dushegrejah with a fur lining. Brilliants in an open country, they true fantastic tales. Jewelry store Mercury in Barvikha - the phenomenon from Russian national fairy tale where that only at times does not happen. Simple frogs turn to vacant princesses, an oven - almost in a fashionable motorcycle, and an old axe - in tasty porridge.
On the right and to the left of an input in shop Mercury of the visitor meet massive ice sculptures - names and logos of marks (Harry Winston, Pasquale Bruni, de Grisogono, Mikimoto and all - all - all the others behind which come in Mercury) are laid out from transparent strong cubes. These are luxury find fault - tekovskie with variations of the Snow Maiden from Ostrovsky`s fairy tale.
a lay-out of shop, - very big and light central salon, from which on the left and to the right branch off numerous the VIP - offices, - it is developed on traditional russkonarodnomu to a fantastic principle. On the left you will go - there Blancpain, Patek Philippe and Breguet you will find. To the right you will go - so in Chopard you will get (official opening of a boutique in which the ambassador of jeweller art of the house Eve Gertsegova will participate, it is planned for February, 4th). You will directly go - and in show-window Graff you will bury. But it only while in the richest show-window with absolutely fantastic sapphires and brilliants, as at Graff (no less than at Bvlgari, and at Tiffany and Co.) Soon in Luxury Village own monobrands with so plentiful assortment will open, which else all capital shops Mercury will envy.
the Jewelry store in Luxury Village is not only modern Russian fairy tale, but also the clear and developed historical metaphor. The jewelry store in Luxury Village is a metaphor of boundless Russian riches and its special, spacious, at all not clear to strangers of way. Here in Geneva to buy brilliants, it is necessary to move in the most historical centre, on Rue du Rhone, and differently brilliants you will not find. Such is the European tradition in which the city is the centre of a civilisation. In Moscow (well as though at the same time and in all snow-covered Russia) brilliants grow both in a city, and behind a city, namely in patriarchal Russian village on which in this state all from time immemorial and keeps. Treasures are on all earth Russian for it is wide, it is spacious and there is no need to go far when all necessary is on sale behind a village fence. Such is space of Russian national fairy tale, in which any hero either is, or it will be indispensable the rich man. As it has appeared, behind brilliants with a breeze, on the fads yes in valenoks - truly Russian entertainment.