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Orhan Pamuk have forgiven on - turetski

the decision on the litigation termination over known Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk Is accepted.
in December of last year (see from December, 17th, 2005) proceeding has been postponed till February, 7th, 2006. In this time the Ministry of Justice should solve, under what criminal code to judge the writer for its sharp political statements. We will remind that in February of last year Orhan Pamuk has declared in interview to the Swiss journalists: 30 thousand Kurds and one million Armenians have been killed in this country, and anybody, except me, does not dare to speak about it . In one only to a phrase the writer has mentioned at once extremely painful two for a Turk of a historical episode: a genocide of Armenians during the First World War charges in which the Turkish government denies till now, and military operations of Turkish army against Kurdish separatists in 1984.

however the law About responsibility for drawing of a damage to image of the country on which writer threatened till three years of prison, has been accepted already after ill-fated interview. Now the Turkish Ministry of Justice in reply to inquiry of the Istanbul court has declared that it is not authorised to make the decision on business continuation. In turn, the court of Istanbul itself has made the decision on removal of action.

thus, a name of the author of novels the Black book the White fortress and My name is red again moves from section of judicial news to literary chronicles. And at Turkey chances of the introduction into the European Union again increase. After all the international observers co-ordinated business of Pamuka while trial lasted to this question. The EuroParliament unambiguously hinted that while in Turkey limit a freedom of speech, Europe will limit Turkey. Support to the persecuted colleague was expressed also by the whole group of writers, in which number Jose Saramago and Gabriel Garsija Marquez.