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Les Medailles de Chanel is a new variation of a jeweller heritage of Chanel. Collection Les Medailles de Chanel offers shanelevskie jeweller themes, but with hardly the changed forms and in facilitated casual - the giving which has become legitimate in last year.
the first that it is necessary to note: ornaments Les Medailles de Chanel are sustained in Gipsy stylistics which not that that are strongly important, but nevertheless is in a fashion orbit - first of all thanks to the general popularity of yellow gold and semiprecious stones. The second moment: the majority of ornaments Les Medailles de Chanel are made by a principle charm - chains on which talismans - suspension brackets are suspended. A classical ornament with a design charm is the bracelet which has become fashionable during an epoch of queen Victoria. In shanelevskoj to a collection it is presented at once such three bracelets, and except them there are rings - signets, the necklaces very similar on present Gipsy monisty, and also long, almost hippovskie earrings.
Collection Les Medailles de Chanel is a memorial meeting of the main symbols of Coco Chanel. On round medals, the gold disks which are carrying out a role of talismans, symbols of house Chanel are printed is a camellia, a firm flower Gabriel Chanel, number 5 which has become for the designer happy after exit in 1920 Chanel #5, and also image of comets, stars, the Moon and the Sun which have appeared in the very first jeweller collection Chanel - Bijoux de Diamants 1932.
ornaments Les Medailles de Chanel are executed from yellow and white gold and decorated by small white brilliants. white the version is represented to us more shanelevskoj and more adult. As it is known, great mademoiselle preferred white shades in ornaments, choosing usually white brilliants, white gold or platinum, white pearls. white Version Les Medailles de Chanel - very much klassichna, is cold and even napyshchenna though these ornaments and are not deprived charm of levity. These are evening things.
ornaments from yellow gold - bright French tsyganshchina, high casual. Yellow ornaments can be carried both with a classical suit - shanel, and with a white shirt, a simple vest and jeans. yellow things follow a tendency on an intensive rejuvenation of heritage Chanel of which already it is a lot of years successively designer Karl Lagerfeld adheres.
collection Les Medailles de Chanel is an example of how old great marks, remaining in the essence marks classical and conservative, want to look at least democratic and even street.