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Central administrative board (GU) the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Omsk region in connection with strong frosts in region is again translated on the strengthened operating mode. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures predict increase in number of fires and failures in life-support systems. Weather forecasters have already promised the further fall of temperature in Priirtyshe to - 45 degrees.
as the deputy chief of department of propagation and public relation GU has informed yesterday the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Omsk region Dmitry Sinitsyn, for the period of strengthening of frosts of service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures are translated in a mode of the raised readiness. Rescuers expect increase in number of fires. According to mister Sinitsyn, during the period from January, 20 till January, 23rd current year in Priirtyshe has occurred 57 fires. On fire 12 persons, including two children were lost. a principal cause of fires - the faulty oven equipment and the overloaded electric systems. People try to be warmed, all day and night heat furnaces, include heaters which it is frequent handicraft work. Where - that have not followed, a spark from the furnace or conducting has closed - and please, a fire - Dmiitry Sinitsyn has explained.
yesterday fire has flashed in a village Shevchenko boiler-house, Moscow Kalensky area, the Omsk region. Without heat there was a kindergarten and school. As Dmitry Sinitsyn has informed, causes of accident are specified. Presumably, in a boiler-house there was a failure in system of heating of black oil, fire has damaged electroconducting and auxiliaries part. Victims are not present.
On the strengthened operating mode public utilities are translated also. By words a press - the secretary of department of municipal economy of the mayoralty of Omsk of Irina Serebrennikovoj, in all city districts emergency response centres into which representatives of local administration, municipal economy department, AK " have entered operate; Omskenergo and the Ministry of Emergency Measures. As Serebrennikov`s madam has assured, serious failures in system of municipal services of the regional centre are not present. Without failures strong frosts pass and for AK Omskengergo . As the chief of department on public relations AK " has declared; Omskenergo Ivan Kuharenko, the company while does not plan to enter current consumption restriction . we have a reserve of capacities, the equipment allows to provide additional loading. We are ready to any succession of events. The quantity under abnormal condition - repair brigades is increased. All technical planned works are stopped, emergency brigades work in the strengthened mode - mister Kuharenko has told. As he said, serious failures in networks of the power company are not present. Damages of transmission lines are operatively eliminated. At the same time, the established frosts already have introduced corrective amendments in work of comprehensive schools Priirtyshja. The Ministry of Education of the Omsk region enters restrictions of attendance of schools. According to sanitary - to epidemiological norms pupils should not visit formation establishment at temperature below 33 degrees. Thus, in January from - for strong frosts schoolboys of Priirtyshja studied all some days.
in the meantime weather forecasters promise the further strengthening of frosts. In the night from 23 for January, 24th, under forecasts Omsk gidrometeotsentra, the temperature will fall to - 43 degrees. It is expected that this afternoon in Omsk will be not above - 39 degrees. on Wednesday on the south of area will be a little warmer - a minus 30 - 35 degrees, will pass snow. The north of the Omsk region remains in the same temperature. On January, 26th again will become cold. The temperature will make a minus 38 - 43 degrees " at night; - has informed the leading engineer of department of weather forecasts Omsk gidrometeotsentra Vera Hachaturova. As she said, cold weather with strong frosts to - 45 degrees will hold on in Priirtyshe till January, 29th. Then weather forecasters expect weather change. frosts will start to weaken gradually - madam Hachaturova has promised.
Anna Gadalina