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Great spot-check

that Hollywood actor who for the career has never threatened on the great Is bad. Here and handsome man Benjamin Bratt undertook a serious role. He plays lieutenant colonel Henry Muchchi who heads the division sent on the dangerous task. The proof soldier and the patriot at it is usually dazzling smiling Bratta left forced - the actor simply builds brutal physiognomies more often, than it had to do it in police insurgents. But there`s nothing to be done, if to the Hollywood handsome men in any way does not give rest success of the senior colleagues: that Tom Hanks has triumphally rescued private soldier Rajana Sean Penn with companions battled to Japanese in the Thin red line . In Great spot-check are at once combined both scope of the Second World War, and the Asian exotic - the American armies are deployed on Philippines, and rescue of prisoners of war.
When Europeans on the occasion of 60 - have plunged summer anniversary in collective cinema smakovanie a general victory, to Hollywood remains nothing how to address to one of few moments of the Second World War when Americans were in private with the opponent.
after Japanese have grasped Philippines, in a captivity there were many American soldiers. To rescue them tried time and again, but aggressors have shown to Americans that happens if armies of the USA come nearer to prisoner-of-war camps. They have destroyed in the gas chamber and have burnt 150 Americans. In one of camps remains about 500 soldiers. To rescue them, the group of the trained rangers is put forward. Each of them knows what to climb to Japanese with so small group - pure suicide, but not to try they cannot.