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Mirror wars: reflexion the first
It is possible to tell with confidence: in Russia there was a new genre of the insurgent - artly issued review of fighting power of the Russian armed forces. Therefore the film plot is described by several lines: one of powerful terrorist groupings the new Russian plane 5 - go has very much interested generations Saber-toothed . Except terrorists in plane all investigations of the world, of course, are interested, but in the face of the general enemy English, American and Russian special services unite.
in Mirror wars test pilots of Open Society OKB Dry battled in air (actors tried not to admit once again to cars), the separate brigade of marines of a special purpose battled on the earth, and pyrotechnics have blown up more than two tons of an explosive. To name all this power differently, than military - the patriotic insurgent, at founders language has not turned. Probably, from patriotism reasons have invited at once some the Hollywood celebrities: Malkolm MacDowell, Armand Assante, Rutger Hauer play agents of foreign investigations. A considerable part of the ten-million budget for certain have eaten fees to the Hollywood stars, but founders have saved on shootings of flights. That in Hollywood experts in computer graphics create for the big money, the Russian pilots have made in the sky zabesplatno. All air fights pass in a film on - fighting . Russian pilots who chase terrorists both in air, and on the earth, play Valery Nikolays and Alexander Efims. For those who has passed an air show in Zhukovsky or did not see never military doctrines, - the most fascinating show!
Bris magnificent
This new French comedy designate destiny of a superhit the Taxi . But if the Taxi - History about the sly fellow - vodilu from the people and its touching relations with police, Bris - the history about the little fool, does of which person just penitentiary system.
the plot of the modern novel - education is developed on a beach. The thirty-year son rich daddies spends all the days long at coast in Nice. The only thing, than seriously is fond of Bris, - surfing. Having seen enough the Hollywood films about surfers, Bris has chosen to itself an idol of Bodi, hero Patrick Suejzi in a film On a wave crest . Only here an ill luck: Bris with a board at coast all the same that the baby with a rubber ring. In addition it catches a wave on serene French Riviera.
but suddenly his life changes: father Brisa accuse of communications with a mafia, all accounts in banks are closed, friends now not to find, decent work - especially. Then Bris decides to plunder bank - certainly, unsuccessfully. The unlucky robber runs to Atlantic ocean and gets on competition of surfers. There - that Brisu becomes clear that to all other it also the worst in the world the surfer. To the guy the spirit of Bodi which intelligibly explains to the admirer as it is necessary to live is. Having returned to France, Bris surrenders polices and goes to prison. It leaves prison the clarified hard-working guy. Now Bris cleans a beach and itself earns on bread. In what, of course, it is impossible to believe. But if in the end the huge wave rolls on coast Nitstsy that to be surprised?