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Veliant: feathery special troops
First non-realised bravery in the protagonist - a sickly English pigeon of Veliante, risked to arrive in Post royal pigeon service, - to make out difficult. The namesake of one of knights of the Round table, hardly tjagajushchy a bar, nevertheless is admitted to participation in the present task: to deliver from France to London the dispatch about opening of the Second front of World War II. On a way of a pigeon with modest wingspan there is a flight of sharp-clawed German hawks - an obstacle, by itself, trifling for aspiring to the present glory of the pudge.
Malovypolnimuju a problem to humour and our and your (it is a question of audience of younger school age and their patient parents) the director - the debutant of Gary Chepmen manages as - that to resolve almost to the film middle. Unfortunately, on zaznobe Velianta - the medical sister by name of Victoria, the fascist hawk singing Wagner, and the English pigeon with the last bit of strength crying Correct, Britain! in an enemy cage, the director`s imagination is exhausted. Further Gary Chepmena conducts where - that absolutely in other steppe - with christened Charles de Girl the languid representative of Resistance and an other-wordly episode, when under piafovskoe grassirovanie in Je ne Regrette Rien the French mice kiss English pigeons.
as it usually happens, the domestic spectator have deprived of an additional bonus in the form of a postscoring. In the original of nonsense of Velianta actor Juen McGregor sounds, last English comedians from " accompany to which not; Dzhivsa and Worcester and Monti Pajtona . Unique unconditional thanks mister Chepmenu it is necessary to tell for one circumstance - its debut is pleasantly short.
Charlie and chocolate factory
Tim Barton picturized a classical fairy tale Villi Vonka masters of black humour of Roalda Dalja, from Johnny Depp in a leading role. The author Large fish the Sleepy hollow and Planets of monkeys in all details has presented the world of the excentric chocolate manufacturer.
Charlie and chocolate factory - the family picture useful in every respect. Mums - so those will cease at once shpynjat children as soon as will see on Johnny Depp`s screen. Fathers will distract a bit later when chocolate manufacturer Villi Vonka will turn the safe marketing action, having forced the whole world to buy up hundreds its chocolates.
the confectioner - the hermit has promised excursion on the factory that who will find the tickets enclosed in chocolates. They have got: To the kid Charlie from a poor family, to gluttonous fat man Augustusu, whimsical small princess Veruke, ambitious sportswoman Vajolet and arrogant computer genius Mike. With these embodiments of defects boy Charlie, anything, except a sweet temper and the sincere smile, not different, also goes to a way on the sweet country. But the dolce vita does not change heroes, they swear, talk scandal and pakostnichajut. Only in the chocolate country it does not descend it from the hands, one for one they leave factory. Eventually with Villi there is only Charlie and its grandfather. And here it is found out that the unique purpose of guide Villi was to find the successor for the confectionery empire. It - that also becomes good-natured Charlie.