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Ivonna, the princess Burgundian
the Play of Polish avant-garde writer Vitold Gombrovicha - the play - a blende. At first sight - a usual costume drama. The king, the queen, their useless offspring and mnogogolovaja, but single-voice retinue. But they talk the modern language (at least in transfer of Leonarda Buhova) and are dressed, as directed the author, not in cloaks and liveries, and in proletarian jackets - aljaski over business suits. The plot begins as a joke: the prince, having seen in park amazingly ugly and apathetic maiden, decides to result for fun it in a palace as the bride. But this joke leads to absolutely unexpected consequences: shy, silent and inconsistent Ivonna inspires to all around not only quite explainable irritation, but also any irrational sense of guilt. As a result murder appears in the unique way to get rid of this delusion. Young director Pavel Safonov ( the Seagull and Kaligula at Theatre Vahtangova), chosen this play, has even more confused business. Anna Hodjush`s heroine with the bleached person and the tousled hair outwardly is very similar on character Renaty Litvinovoj from a film the Goddess - its own mad mirror double. Thus the actress not only speaks nothing and does not move almost as and it is necessary to it on a role, but also does not play. Its fine-moulded figure perfectly looks in Ilya Evdokimova`s glamour scenery and Niki Barabash, but in it there is no secret. And why all other characters rush with this doll as with a hand-written feed bag and lose from - for it of rest and a dream, resolutely not clearly.
boys directed by Sergey Zhenovacha
it is few Scenery, one chairs, and suits a part are taken from educational kostjumernoj. The surroundings of it by definition of modest student`s performance is not too important. Important that absolutely young future actors do in it under the direction of Sergey Zhenovacha. It is a question of a novel line Brothers of Karamazovy connected with Iljushechkoj the Snegiryov, - from a scene of cruel teenage fight and pobivanija stones to an oath on a tomb of the unfortunate boy who has died of a consumption. From the main characters of the novel here only Alesha Karamazov (Alexander Koruchekov), appearing the observer - like the person from the author, but in the end saying the main words.
any another not simply was afraid, but would become puzzled before such problem - to conduct performance from a scene of malicious children`s aggression to a celebration of Christian virtue, from speeches offended and humiliated - to words about general revival from dead, and it is necessary to go also through death of the child. It is such quintessence dostoevshchiny that in a step on the right - indecent tearfulness and in a step at the left - a saving parody . But Sergey Zhenovach finds such human and art arguments that actors follow it not blindly, not as assiduous novices for the guide, and as the responsible pupils who have put into operation not only heart, but also reason.