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Competition of young artists of P.M.Tretjakova in GTG
Works for a total exhibition chose jury under the chairmanship of Taira Salahova. And from three thousand works have chosen only fifty. Last decades in Russia in peak to official Soviet art realistic painting was not in honour. And now similar competitions meet this lack in variety of genres and directions. All artists - students and graduates of art high schools of Russia: Moscow and St.-Petersburg, Vladivostok and Joshkar - Oly, Nizhnevartovsk and the Find. The competition purpose - revival of traditions of Russian realistic art and attempt to find a way of reflexion of modern realities in the most traditional picturesque way. One of conditions - to participants should not be more than thirty five years. Concerning the presented works, fortunately for organizers, it will not be possible to find out Pavel Tretjakova`s opinion.
the Lawlessness George Ostretsova in Gelman`s gallery
In the new project George Ostretsov continues the invariable theme the new government . It has begun this project of that photographed owners of the French galleries in masks NP at opening of the Center of the modern art in Paris in 1996. And some years Ostretsov hands over the last in Gelman`s gallery of an award for merits before fatherland, inviting to ceremony of artists and critics together with officials. Against replaced scenery, slogans and the genres involved in its grandiose undertaking, invariable throughout many years there is a look of the new governor - it is replaced with a rubber mask of black colour. The idea of a masquerade consists that if the government does not know the people in the person also to the people there is no need to see persons of governors. But as a whole this parody kostjumirovannaja anti-Utopia in comics on a power theme concerns more likely art, than to a policy. In frameworks the Lawlessness George Ostretsov will show the new works in which suggests to present to roles of governors of girls of easy behaviour and gangsters with pistols. Such bespredelshchikov in the permanent black masks which are speaking on behalf of the persons of original justice.