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the Great patron of art of Russia. Peter Ivnovich Schukin in GIMe
the Loud name of an exhibition quite corresponds to true - Peter Schukin, a merchant, the collector, the patron of art, really was the person outstanding. However, as well as all members of family ShChukinyh: brother Dmitry collected old European art, brother Sergey - new, the French impressionists. But Peter Schukin selected the collection not for a stylistic or chronological sign, it is possible to name it, using a modern word, cultural urological: it were the Russian antiquities (on a photo - a ladle - nalevka the Vologda province, a XVIII-th century) plus of product of east and western art which, according to the collector, could show, what influence the East and the West on Russian culture " had;. All became with the greatest tshchaniem. Alexey Bahrushin wrote about it: Schukin Peter Ivanovich - the most serious collector from all to me known. Because it does not collect anything, preliminary without having collected about this subject the whole bibliography and without having studied it under books . The means blessing were, it has developed the activity in unprecedented scales in Russia. Schukin quite often bought entirely generated collections, especially from representatives of the old nobility of noble family; subjects of olden time from all Russia brought to it almost carts.
specially for a collection in Small Georgian street the private residence (in it a biological museum has been built now by it. Timirjazeva) the popular museum also is arranged. In 1905 Peter Schukin has presented the meeting to the Imperial historical museum - to anniversary of this gift and the exhibition is devoted. It shares the same as divided the collection Schukin is no time: church antiquities; fabrics, carpets, gobelins, lanes; jewelry and ware; the weapon; art gallery. Now a share shchukinskih things makes approximately 15 % from all gimovskogo Meetings, but in lists of masterpieces they always occupy the first lines.
fishes and bowls Yury Volkova in gallery Cinema
Time spent on fishing, Supreme on account of life is not set off - artist Yury Volkov considers. And drawing of fishes for it - something is similar to fishing. In such, it is necessary to tell not indisputable, to attempt to seize at life a little superfluous time Yury Volkov creates the picturesque series devoted to fishes, bowls both other river and sea inhabitants. From depth of its art imagination come up latimerii the ancient seas, spiraleobraznye bowls ammonitov and nautilusov, striped ershistye fishes, with sharp, as a knife, fins. Yury Volkov - one of young representatives of the Ural graphic school. Now, having in an arsenal enough of traditional art abilities, it is occupied by experiments, and not only with free time: It works with acryle, oil, pape - mashe. The fish a series of objects he named 3D Graphic - the Three-dimensional drawing . Also at an exhibition painting and objects of the author will be shown.
Michael Dashevsky`s photos in the Museum of A.D.Saharova
Michael Dashevsky`s Photographic biography has begun in the Moscow photoclub the Innovator . In 1960 - 1980 - e years the Innovator was the centre where traditions of old photoschool 1920 - 1930 - h were combined years with a plot freedom in choosing. About the publication of such photos of speech did not go, photographed in a table . The blessing than will live was - Michael Dashevsky a Dr.Sci.Tech., the expert on vibrozashchite buildings. It it is black - the white photos deprived both accusatory pathos, and smart luster, hypnotically immerse the spectator in recent, but the forgotten past. On them an ordinary reality - Moscow, a province, children, old men, trifles, details. Surprisingly lacking ideas especially for the Museum it. Saharova, an exhibition. But that also it is fine.