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Michael Owen release to England

Attacking English national team on football Michael Owen, possibly, in the near future will leave Madrid Real. The Spanish club has already received the offer on purchase of the player from Newcastle, and it has quite arranged madridtsev. Now all depends on, whether will manage Newcastle to settle terms of the personal contract with the football player.
Michael Owen has passed in Real last year, having left the native club Liverpool for which it has spent in total 297 matches and has hammered in 158 balls. Madridtsam the basic forward of English national team has managed cheaply enough for the player of such level - in £ 10 million so low price speaks that Owen`s contract with liverpultsami expired in a year, and negotiations about its prolongation were at a deadlock. The football player insisted on essential increase and without that the high salary, in Liverpool it received nearby £ 6 million a year. Liverpultsy satisfy its inquiries could not and have preferred to sell the player while it still could be made.

many observers, making comments on Michael Owen`s transition, already then noticed that it will be very difficult to it to adapt in Real. English football players as practice shows, in general very often hand over, it is necessary to them to get over to continental Europe. It is possible to remember, for example, Steve Makmanamana who also has proceeded in due time on route Liverpool - Real, yes and has got lost on a bench madridtsev. As a result this certainly talented halfback has returned home, having signed the contract with Manchester City, whence it in May of this year have dismissed.

fears concerning Michael Owen`s prospects in Real as a whole have justified. Throughout all season he struggled for a place in the basic structure with such stars, as Ronaldo and Raul. From time to time it seemed that the Englishman will manage to achieve the. Repeatedly it proved that can be useful to a command, goals in its execution brought madridtsam victories in important matches. We will tell, over Valencia within the limits of national superiority or over Kiev the Dynamo in League of champions. In total for a season Michael Owen has hammered in 16 balls - an indicator quite decent. Nevertheless in a basis it and has not received a place. And this year Owen`s position only has worsened. Real has got two supertalented players of the attacking plan - Brazilians of Robinju and Zhuliu to the Baptist.

still two months ago in interview to the British mass-media Michael Owen has declared that would like to remain in Real but if it will not manage again a place in a basis he would prefer to come back home, to Liverpool. for me a place in the basic structure very important. Especially in a season which precedes the World championship - the football player has told.

interest in services of the player has there and then stated Liverpool Everton. But it is difficult to present to itself that Owen has accepted the offer from this command. In Liverpool it simply would not understand. And here with transition in Newcastle Michael Owen has apprehended a variant more favourably. With one, truth, a condition: the attacking did not want to pass in Newcastle for a long time, and was ready to spend in this command only one season as rent.

Newcastle wants to redeem a transfer of the football player completely. Aspiration of club easily explainably. Newcastle has faced serious problems with formation of an attacking line. In July in Blackburn has been sold by Krejg Bells: it has quarrelled with Gremom Sunessom with the head coach of a command. Other attacking Michael Chopra is injured. One more forward Shola Ameobi is disqualified on some matches. In Newcastle remained unique pure attacking - Alan Shirer to whom in it 35 years all is more difficult to drag a command alone.

Yesterday Newcastle has extended the message in which it is said that the club has co-ordinated the sum of a transfer of Michael Owen with Real. The exact figure is not called, is specified only that it will be a record transfer in the history of club. The previous record Newcastle has made £ 15 million for which in 1996 at Blackburn Alan Shirer has been bought. In a case with Owen speech, according to the British mass-media, goes about £ 17 million It is similar to truth, considering those £ 10 million in which madridtsam Owen, and its salary for a season has managed.

in Real also have confirmed that are ready to leave the football player. Newcastle has made very serious proposal which completely suits us. Real officially declares that will not repair obstacles to Michael Owen`s transition. Now all depends on it and its agents - the head a press - services of the Madrid club Antonio Garsija Ferreras has told. However in club have underlined that yet have not received the demand from Liverpool which also expressed interest in Owen`s acquisition. So it is not excluded that the forward can still return to the native command.