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Mariinsky theatre orchestra will send on a warehouse

In Petersburg in a building of administration of the Admiralty area show the project of the third scene of the Maryinsky Theater. It plan to construct within the precincts of burnt out in September, 2003 artly - decorative workshops of the Maryinsky Theater. ELENA - GERUSOVA tells.
the masterful Mariinsky theatres which have Burnt down by before last summer (about a fire see from September, 6th and 15 2003) in the street Pisarev, 20 were the oldest theatrical warehouse which a century ago was considered best and advanced. In 1900 three-storyed Neogothic krasnokirpichnoe the main architect of Management of imperial theatres Victor Shreter has reconstructed a building of 1834 of construction for storage and the writing of scenery. Besides a warehouse and theatrical workshops also the theatrical shop here has been arranged. The corresponding inscription about theatrical shop will top one of facades and after reconstruction. After the system of imperial theatres has been destroyed, the general warehouse has departed to the Maryinsky Theater (buildings divide approximately 500 metres).

In September, 2003 investigatory management at RUVD the Admiralty area of St.-Petersburg had been brought criminal case upon a deliberate arson. Then, according to investigators, they managed to find witnesses who ostensibly saw how any people came into workshops with canisters. On duty that night in workshops employees of private security during this moment have left on other object to drink to tea with colleagues.

during a fire from within the building has burnt out completely, there were only facades, partly skeletirovannye. Under the project presented now by Frenchmen the remained pig-iron fencings and facades (on lateral remain on four of five flights) are restored. To east facade the additional volume is completed. On the presented computer collages it looks so as if on old, very accurate proportions a building have put on a cover - a soap tray. This impression, most likely, from - for more difficult lines of the new roof caused by requirements of philharmonic acoustics is made. A new scene will give Mariinsky and to going on tour orchestras. Public will get to a hall from street of Decembrists, the personnel and technics of theatre - from Pisarev`s street.

plans of Mariinsky theatre for the third scene originally concerned New Holland. In 2002 the project well-known los - andzhelesskogo architect Eric Moss represented the project of complex reconstruction of Mariinsky theatre where besides the second scene appeared and cultural - an entertainment complex with a concert hall in New Holland. We will remind, Moss`s project has been rejected a city, the international architectural competition on building of the second scene has been as a result held. And Mariinsky theatre claims to New Holland have been brought to naught. Now it is necessary to be satisfied with more modest both in historical and in the art plan, but all - taki too krasnokirpichnoj and in general - that economic architecture.

that the burnt out workshops will be reconstructed as the third scene of the Maryinsky Theater, have casually started talking this spring. The house on Pisarev belongs to the Maryinsky Theater as an operational administration, the customer of building is also the theatre. Design - prospecting works should be finished in the second quarter 2006, and building plan to begin in 2007. To a new platform of theatre at once have defined narrow specialisation of a concert hall. Under the existing project it is calculated on 1150 spectators. The project is executed by the French concern H Fabr/ Scene/ Setec (won the tender for reconstruction of a historical scene of the Maryinsky Theater), for acoustics answers engaged in building of the second scene of Mariinsky theatre avtoritetnejshaja Toyota. It is amusing that new warehouses of Mariinsky theatre build in Shusharah where also it is planned to open the Petersburg automobile factory of Toyota. It is considered that will construct the third scene exclusively on metsenatskie donations.

actually such the warehouse of a XIX-th century unusual in a reshaping under a concert hall is not present anything. Across all Europe similar krasnokirpichnye factories, zavodiki, warehouses turn to the cultural centres. And, as a rule, it is very lovely projects. But it is strange again - taki that the Maryinsky Theater which has held exemplary competition on building of the second scene, the project of the third has exposed for discussion already ready. Interested public can make the offers till September, 12th.