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Israel attacks every day our cities

the Ambassador of Palestin in the Russian Federation the doctor of HAJRI AL - ORIDI has commented on a conclusion of the Israeli settlements from Gaza Strip in interview to the correspondent of NARGIZ ASADOVOJ.
- What do you think of leaving of Israelis from Gaza?
- We are very glad to the termination of occupation of any part of our territory. In spite of the fact that this decision was unilateral, all of us equally welcome the termination of occupation of Gaza Strip. Thus we do everything that delimitation became a part the Road map . We try, that this process proceeded.

- leaders of the organisation Hamas have declared that are going to continue war with Israel. How Mahmud Abbas with them will agree?

- PNA has established the general for all the law and demands its performance. We do not have any problems with political party Hamas - she participates in elections. After all the world community insists, that in Palestin there was a democratic multi-party system. Thus the law forbids existence of the non-governmental armed organisations. Be armed the state power structures can only. The one who will break this law, will be punished.

- means, Hamas it will be disarmed?
- I have already told that the law forbids existence of armed groups. Though noise round disarmament Hamas rises to distract first of all attention of that occurs in Israel. There weight pravoradikalnyh the armed organisations which attack Palestinians. But anybody in the world does not speak about it.

- the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon has declared that will discuss the further steps on palestino - to the Israeli settlement only after Palestinians will put an end to terror and will provide safety of the Israeli borders.

- you speak About what safety? We condemn all kinds of terror and terrorism. Sharon exaggerates, speaking about the Palestinian terror against Israel. I would name it national resistance of the Israeli occupation. Already almost two months Palestinians do not make acts of terrorism in Israel. And here Israel, on the contrary, attacks every day our cities and occupies separate areas.